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The Common Ground of Cheering for Giant Robots

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It was a slower morning than most, notably due to the absense of a certain loud mouthed girl. Ben was undeterred by the gremlin’s disappearance. Same went for Luna, really – Rye came and went as she pleased without a word, and that was normal. Hopefully she was not robbing a bank.


“What’re we gonna do today?” Ben asks, mostly directed at Luna. In their little apartment that they had cheesed into getting, it was quiet without that creature Rye, so much so that Luna almost forgot there was a third presence.


Jack, the boy with the black hair, was quiet as always. A recent addition to their crew – well, 40 years was not recent in the eyes of humans, but to Luna, 40 years was nothing. She’d gotten to know Jack well enough, but the guy was merely 80. Stuck in a 14 year old’s body, yes, but 80. Humans regularly lived to be 80. His life as an immortal had not yet begun.


“I think we should take a lazy day,” Luna decides to answer the question. “Any objections?” Ben shakes his head, and Jack quietly contemplates this offer. “I see…”


“I’m hungry,” Ben admits. “Jack, you got a preference?” Jack shrugs loosely, those purple eyes drawing over Ben as he looks up at the towering teen above him.


“Dunno. Pancakes.” Jack says. His voice is a little weak, in a dull monotone, and Luna has gotten used to that enough that the minimal fluctuations are a gigantic indicator. He’s hungry. Jack wants pancakes.


“Then let’s cook,” Luna concludes, and steers their group towards the kitchen. Pancake from scratch is easy. With three heads together and lacking a certain chaotic energy, in no time they have a bowl of batter and Luna is heating the griddle. She has to stand on a stool to reach the back of the stove, much to her chagrin.


“Let’s add chocolate chips!” Ben chirps, all too excited, and Luna gestures for him to come over.


“I’ll handle it,” She takes a bag of chocolate chips from his hands, and Luna frowns. She’s never done this before.


“Add it when you put the pancakes on the griddle,” Ben says, and Luna nods. That was a simple enough concept, and she pours some batter out. Luna pauses, thinking of the instructions – and tips the whole bag over. Surely she could control this.


She has no idea what’s happened until she hears rapid foot steps, and suddenly she’s toppling off her stool and Jack’s got a death grip on her wrists. It’s enough that she hits the floor with her feet too hard, but stays standing.


What are you DOING?!” Jack shouts. His eyes are wide, and he’s a little flushed with exertion, and this is the most animated Luna has ever seen him.


“Adding chocolate chips,” Luna blinks in shock. “What do you think I’m doing?” Ben’s laughing in the background, somewhere, his voice faint.


“Let me handle it,” Jack groans, and takes over cooking duty. Luna is a little miffed, but it was… less work for her?


When they are done, Luna goads them into the TV room, and they sit. Ben and Luna sandwich Jack in between them, and Luna gets the TV going with what she wants – G Gundam. It was the new love of her life, a cheesy anime about giant robots punching the shit out of each other.


“Come on! Oh my god, George! Don’t let Neo France down!” Ben is eating it up, on the edge of his seat, and Jack is a little bamboozled by all this. He can’t quite seem to grasp the simple genius of ridiculous characters arguing about martial artists communicating with their fists.


“That’s our boy!” Luna shouts too, and watching this silly, children’s TV show, her heart begins to race. George of Neo France is fighting with all he’s got against the evil guy, who’s cheated and his giant robot turns into a glorious tank, impervious to all attacks. Fight, George! Show them the ways of a noble knight! and Luna beams, watching in awe as the robots grapple and struggle with all they got.


“He’s gonna win,” Jack says quietly, but Luna elbows him.


“George is going to win, but it’s about the journey, not the destination!” Ben chastises, although something catches both of his and Luna’s eyes – the noble knight begins to glow with a fabulous golden light!


“OHHHHH!” Luna bounces up and down. “He’s GOING INTO HYPER MODE! OH MY GOD!”


“YEAH!” Ben cheers, hooking an arm around Jack. “Look at THAT! Is that not the HYPEST SHIT you’ve ever seen?”


Jack doesn’t have an answer, not for the shining hero on screen, raising his hand with a final cheer, calling the last attack – Luna can’t help but scream ROSE BITS along with him. This was too awesome! An elegant knight, defeating evil with the sheer power of good and determination!


Luna and Ben are screaming, Jack having no choice but to deal with it. It was a children’s show, but it was the most glorious children’s show Luna had ever seen.


“Shit, man. I got noise complaints from the landlord,” Rye huffs. She’s come home late tonight, and Jack is face down on the kitchen table. There’s still pancakes left over from their weird cooking adventure. “What were you guys doing? Did you kill Jack?”


“I’m alive,” Jack says right into the table, muffling his voice.


“We were watching anime,” Ben answers.


“G Gundam,” Luna adds.


“Well color me surprised!” Rye laughs. “So my favorite is Gundam Maxter!”


“Hah – Shining Gundam is clearly the best!” Luna interrupts right away, and Rye has that what did you just say to me look, slowly turning to lock eyes with Luna.


“Oh, bitch, it is on.” Rye mutters, and Ben snorts.


Luna grins. One thing they could always agree on was children’s TV shows. Thousands of years old or not, the kid’s shows were always the best.

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