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The Corruption of Neutrality

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The most recent re-evolution is complete but it doesn’t seem right.

From the beginning, every so often the Hyandrian realm will implode upon itself only to emerge for a new start. This has always kept the realm balanced and in sync: Neutral. Like us, Hyandria is energy based. That energy is neutral in and of itself. Being out of time with the verses, this balance is precarious at best but so vital to our natural state. These cycles of implosion and emergence are call re-evolutions.

Re-evolutions are also how we keep track of our ages. Other realms and universes have …ages of record. For instance, earth has many: ice age, middle ages, 20th century. For us, we have re-evolutions.

However, this most recent re-evolution is different. Something is off…I feel it in my blood and I can see the effects on my people and my land. What has gone wrong? And how will it affect the verses around us?

It’s as I feared! The last re-evolution was off. Somehow, the realm is now out of balance: its corrupt.  That corruption is spreading quickly through the realm, and I can’t stop it. I feel it moving through my blood and invading my mind.

Most my people are already gone, I’ve taken the precaution of putting them into a deep sleep in hopes of preventing them from harm, but I don’t know how long that will last.

 I must try to find help. But I’ve lost track of all my friends, most of whom may not have forgiven me for past transgressions. If fact, I can only think of one that may help, assuming he doesn’t kill me on first sight: XenTwo. I haven’t spoken to him or of him in an age, but he’s a warrior with a true heart. I can’t believe he wouldn’t try to help. Even if just to prevent catastrophe   from the universes.

I’ll set out tonight and hope I can find him.

Chaos. Darkness. Drive. Pain. Anger. Chaos.

I fear it’s too late. I can’t fight it. I was able to contact XenTwo, but I don’t know if I was able to make him understand what happened.

I have long moments of missing time. The corruption has spread to my mind and its taking control. I can’t fight it much longer. I can only hope the heroes of Hellifyno will realized something is off. That something is triggering darkness and chaos within their universe and will try to put a stop to it.

I admit I don’t have much hope. After all. Is corruption so hard to create? So hard to find? Besides, who remembers Us? Who would think to search here for the answers? And How will they get here to fix things?

Success! A little at a time is the best course of action. The chaos infection has begun. Putting a little corruption in one or two heroes at a time is best. It will spread slowly within them.

They may fight it. They may embrace it. But little by little, they will fall. And as they do, We only grow stronger.

Soon enough our corruption will spread unnoticed and as it does. It feeds us. We grow stronger. We ARE!



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