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The Corruption Vaccine is here!

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Across the cosmos the ALL Corporation has been landing medical stations on each planet slowly moving away from Hellifyno. Why you ask? Well they seem to have found a way to prevent future corruption by infusing Gaia juice into vaccines and distributing them. The first ones getting their vaccines are the ones on board the ALL Corporation space station before they return to the planet. Next is planet 4 and then 5 and so on. On each planet a dozen or so medical stations land in the most densely populated areas and immediately begin administering and distributing the vaccine as well as adding scanners at transit entrances and city entrances and exits throughout the city while nurse cat girls walk around scanning individuals for potential infection. Don’t want any corruption sneaking in. No we don’t. The ads for this medical push suggests that this will help with potential corruption threat and allow for quicker treatment should one become infected. And of course the Cat Girls nurses are the ones distributing the vaccine. “Hello. Don’t forget to stop by and get vaccinated just in case there are some stray zombies out there. Feel free to stop by the nearest ALL Corp Hub or medical center.” Says a cat girl into the camera with a smile. “And remember. They are free of charge. And don’t forget to check yourself daily for infection. Thank you.” She adds before clapping as confetti shoots up around her.


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