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The Creature in the Egg

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Having been sent the egg from NORB aka Kangee who got it from Izzy was now laying on her lab table cracked open parts of it littered the floor and there was also blood some silver and some neon blue. Hakan had a very blood rag to her face as she aimed a small tag gun at the creature that was trying to find a way out of the underground lab. She managed to hit the creature making it scream so loud that it brought her to her knees her once good eye resting in the silver blood covered rag. She quickly put the eye in a container and then in the frig making sure that she will be able to save it, but she would not be able to place it back where it needed to be till at least a week later. She cleaned her face the best to her ability and covered it with a black silk and lace cloth tying it. She then worked her way around the large lab towards the door as her pointed ears twitched catching each and every sound. The sound of glass shattering made her stop and turn her face in every direction trying to figure out where it came from. The creature had managed to get lose and out into the beach. She also heard a scream of one of the large crabs as it tried to stop the creature, but met its end as it tried to stop it. The creature was fast even though it was so small a size of a small child. Setting her computer to speak it told her that it was a female and was searching for the first warmth it had ever felt in years. She sent a message to NORB telling him to tell Izzy that she needed to speak to her at once, but then again she wanted to tell her herself. Hakan moved hearing the crunching of the shell that had fallen to the ground as she slipped into the metal container that was connected to another computer. Shutting the door she was locked inside as the computer did a full body scan noting the damaged and made notes on how to fix the eye, but it also said that the upgrade on the other eye needed to be done because it had been scratched as well when the creature attacked her. She sighed and spoke the agreement terms of the process and sent another message out to NORB telling him to leave her be and let her get fixed to the best of the ability of the computer program. NORB worked on the location of the small creature finding it near the swamp lands and he also worked on a cloth she could cover her eye sockets, but be able to see in a way as well. He also told her of someone that wanted to work on his humanoid form and she made it clear that she would find the person either before or after they found Izzy and gave her the update on the creature. She gave further instructions to NORB to make a tracking device for Izzy so she could tell when the little thing was near. Izzy maybe be the only person that can handle the small monster, but then again Hakan does not want to risk anyone else getting her and she does not want to kill the creature she wanted to keep it alive hoping that it might have information about its race that she had managed to miss. For now though she was in the metal casket connected to the large computer keeping track as well of all the tunnels and the surrounding area of the swamp since there seemed to be a change in the energy there. 

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