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The Crisis (Part One)

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fear flooded her eyes, the unknown darkness lingering before her, she was scared no, no HORRIFIED! she took off on one foot and began to zip down the hall, soon the giggle of a… Kid? was heard, she had stopped and looked back only to hear the sounds of a chainsaw starting. then a giggle again, was she gonna stay for that HELLS NO! she then tore off through the abyss of a hallway, it seemed though as if she had been slowed down she was running full pace! though she felt she was running on honey? or glue she kept bol- walking now, she was gonna die… the realization flooding over her and she started to cry; tears pouring down her face like the Niagara falls, the sound only grew louder and louder and louder… she then shot awake sweat dripping off her, her skin was paled with fear as her ice cold sweat fell down her body…. Phew it was a dream or… was it? she sat up and looked down at her knees which were quaking and shaking. she stood then blacked out… that childish giggle heard in real life



To be continued… (in Part 2 of “The Crisis”)


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