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The Current Situation Explained

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?? Elva Zagurian ??
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  1. Nikolai Kael 9 years ago

    Ah, she was dreaming of him.  Good.  His name whispered on her lips sent a little shiver up his spine.  He liked that.  He wanted to hear it again. 

    She surprised him when she came fully awake and pulled him down into the bed with her.  He grinned like a Cheshire cat, kissing her teary cheeks and savoring the cool, salty liquid on his tongue.  He had taken a gamble staying away from her.  She’d either miss him, as he hoped, or she’d be relieved to not have the annoying burden of his obnoxious flirting.  He had not expected her to miss him quite this much and he was elated.  He revised his strategy on the spot. 

    “Did you think I had nothing better to do than await your pleasure?”  He ran one ornate, delicate claw down her throat.  “What a presumptuous little necromancer you are,” he purred.  He laid on his side, his head propped by his hand tangled in his hair while his other hand languidly traced lazy circles across the creamy skin of her chest above her nightgown. 

    Her eyes were crazed with desire but tinged with fear.  He smiled.  “You want me,” whispered.  Leaning over, he hovered just above her lips, feeling her cool breath on his.  She leaned up and he pulled back with a soft laugh.  “I put myself in a bit of a bind in my own contract,” he said smoothly, moving forward again to tease her with his closeness.  Every time she moved closer he pulled back just out of reach.  “The moment you so sweetly surrender, I must return home.  And I’m not quite ready to do that yet.  I like it here.”  He placed his lips ever so lightly on hers.  “I think I’ll stay awhile,” he said huskily. 

    He waited for her to move toward him again and then pulled back and crawled off the bed, making a point of stretching casually.  He snatched the bottle of crimson wine from the sideboard and held out his hand to her.  “Come, beloved.  There is stargazing to be done.”

  2. Amelie Zagurian 8 years ago

    Lol! Gotta love the Apple explanation

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