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The Cycle of Life – A New Child Of Light

Anthem Revival blog
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I blinked a few times, but I couldn’t see anything but unrelenting darkness. I tried my arms first, but no matter how hard I tried to flex my fingers I couldn’t feel anything. Out of habit, I tried for a deep breath; but it would seem that there was no need for that here, though I failed at that as well. Now there was nothing to do but float in what looked like an endless void, so I turned to my thoughts and memories for comfort.

I could definitely remember how I got here, I fought what was claimed to be an immortal dragon of Chaos and won. Enemy to the Scion and slayer of over a dozen of my lifetimes, and technically fighting him had led to my death as well. That was okay though, I always knew that I’d die doing this job and it never scared me.

Hey what’s that? I can see a light in the direction I’m going… Yup, I’m for sure definitely dead, heading towards the light at the end of the tunnel. Well it’s my time to go, I’ve always wondered what was right on the other side of this threshold. I lived a good life, experienced a lot of things; I’m at peace with myself and the world. Oh, the light it bigger now, warm and bright… Now it’s getting too bright! Damn! My eyes shut frantically, not doing much to block the brightness.

I open my eyes again and look down, to see my spirit self that I’ve seen so many times ago. A semi-physical translucent version of my body. Unfortunately, much to my dismay, my right arm was still missing; a causality of battle that I’ll probably never get back at this point.

Hell, where was I anyways? I look around and I’m by myself, in a small, clean white room. Really clean and white, like a medical room; complete with a single light bar that radiated light and made it bright. There’s a window in front of me, so with a shrug I walk over and take a look.

Woah… I always thought that it was just a story but I guess people are actually on to something. There was a line of people spirit like people stretching across a vast, changing expanse, just waiting. At the start of the line was a bigger humaniod, more solid than the rest and sitting behind a massive desk; clear as day he was judging the life of the soul with a golden balance that laid upon his desk. At the end of the line was the river that I must’ve took to get here as well, too bad the part about the Ferryman wasn’t true; I would have enjoyed my journey across.

“Interested in seeing how it all works huh? I was too the first time.” Spoke a soft, calm voice from behind me. I turned on the balls of my heel and faced the medically white room again, but now there were over five hundred people in here! I don’t know any of them, not really, but for some strange reason I sense that I can trust them. “Funny though, you’ve technically been here more times than you would care to admit.” I was starting to get the idea now before that girl continued. “Sorry, we haven’t properly introduced.”

My eyes went wide a bit as she closed her right fist into her left palm and bowed. “Hello Anthem. My name is Elacris, and I was the first Scion.” She stood up straight and smiled brightly at me, then took my single hand between her two. “These are the rest of the Scion’s, between you and me.” As she said that, I noticed the two men I had encountered in visions and memories, Sinbad and Barnabas.

“So this is it for me then?” I finally mustered to say, a single tear rolling down my cheek. “I know the cycle, become one with it and lend my wisdom to the next Scion, right?” Damn, my voice cracked a bit as I tried not to cry, in truth I wasn’t ready to go just yet; I was just getting to pushing my boundaries. With a few blinks, all of the other Scion’s left us; leaving me with Elacris as she prepared to help.

“Well…” Ela started, looking down and away as she clearly seemed distraught. “I wanted to apologize to you first. I made a choice in my life to commit myself to a cause, and by my choices, you and every other Hope before you hasn’t had any other choice. Up until the point that you lost your lives to that choice….”

I had to stop and form my thoughts correctly, thinking through my brief existence on the planet. “Lots of people spend their lives fumbling around without purpose, grasping at straws and looking for meaning or direction. Not me though, since the day my parents found out I was the Scion of Hellifyno, I had my destiny. On occasion I wonder what it’s like to be a normal girl, able to do what I want and when I wanted too. But you know me better than that, I am you after all, I’d be spending all my time helping people anyways.” I took my one good hand and put it on Elacris’ shoulder, a smirk growing on my face. “All you did is give me the power and status to be the very best version of myself. So no, I’m not mad at you, and I don’t regret it at all. If I could run it myself again, I would.”

“I’m glad to hear you say that.” Came another voice from behind me, and only then did I notice that I wasn’t standing in the room I was before. Underfoot was hard but loose, with a thick carpet of compost and moss betrayed the fact that I was in a forest. A fluttering of color caught my eye, so I looked upwards and instantly I knew where I was. Spirits shaped in odd, abstract forms of various bright colors that soared through the skies in awkward patterns.

I looked back down and saw the visage of a brilliant woman sitting upon a throne of wood and plants grown around her. She wasn’t a Spirit, but held an actual, physical form in this realm; of brown skin and wearing a neutral toned robe. The last thing I remember is her warm, caring brown eyes that bore into mine…

That’s when everything went white, and I could hear the sounds of fighting around me. . .


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