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The Darkness

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*Iris sighs and looks into herself searching for where the water oracle dwells from time to time still* ~Oracle, I’ve a few questions for you and the cost is no matter!~ *she think-speaks knowing that that would bring the Oracle more quickly than anything else if Oracle is there at all*

*from a distance there is another voice* ~Don’t be so quick to give for I will not bargain with you now, nature’s child.~

*Iris frowns, always the Oracle had been willing to bargain a bit here and there for her knowledge, why was now any different* ~If you will not answer my questions even with payment then I’ll find someone else! There is always someone that is willing to make a deal with the desperate ~

*The Oracle’s voice becomes a bit stronger* ~That is true, Iris. But, what is before you is a path very perilous so travel with care. Think you I don’t know what you came to ask about? I do, I always do. But, I tell you free that the things you wish to know are not something that you should have knowledge of.~

*Iris is confused, the Water Oracle has never warned someone, at least to her knowledge, away from knowledge so long as the right payment was given as a trade off. So, what was going on. Could all this with Devek and the others be so bad and hopeless? She wanted to know but with the words of censure from the Water Oracle maybe the price was too high and it would be better for things to revile themselves in due time when she could be ready for the answers.* ~Are you sure that there is not a bargain to be made, Oracle? Surely there is something that you want.~

*The Water Oracle’s watery cool voice is absent so long that Iris figures that the Oracle will not answer and starts to leave when a cool hand touches her shoulder* ~Iris, I am getting exactly what I want at this point, which is keeping you and your children safe when I could not help much before…things have a way of working out, but it takes time.~ *and then Iris is alone in her mind and twice as confused as before she’d come. What truly awaited them in this new darkness? Could it really work out for the best? And, why should she and the children mean so much to the Water Oracle in the first place?*

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  1. Gideon Lorn 9 years ago

    He didn’t want bother to answer the insipid question, but he did. “We were never friends! How could we be? I am your Dominus. Your master. Just because I was lenient with you at times, doesn’t mean you were anything more then a servant. I sleep with many, many Elohim, slave. Few mean anything to me. One that did you mangled permanently. You think you are above consequences? That you can do as you please and not suffer for it? Well you are wrong. I don’t give a damn what your pets thought of me, they mean even less then you do. Now be silent or I will gag you.”

    He went to Tessa began kissing and stroking her, flaming his desire higher while he waited for his sport to get here.

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