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The Day

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The Day was coming up for your job or so call job. The job you work for is a killing job where you kill people and get the job done, or else. You have a Boy friend who have a job but wont tell you.”Hun wheres my heels again” you said.”I don’t know why are you asking me ” he says laughing.”Damn it connie I have to go to work right now”.You once found your  heels and put them on and drove to work as fast as you can.You walk threw the doors and went to your ex office.”Hey boss i got the papers you asked me to get done”,”well leave them on my desk” he said.You still didn’t know why he asked you out of all other people.”oh hey Jenni you have a new target” he says with a grin. You taught some thing is going to be hard.”who is it this time” you asked annoyed.

He starts to laugh evil villans do.” Its your boy friend hun”, Your belly started to fell werid.”WAIT WHAT YOU CANT DO THAT” you cried out.”Oh yes i can, he has a crimamal record” he shows you the papers.” Wow look at that he has the same job as you”.You tried to hit Alex but it was no use.You started to cry,”you have to do it Ellie,or else”.You hated the words “or else” it made you sick.You started to wipe your tears away and left the office and went to your hide out place where you put your wepons at.You got ready for a date you had with Connor,You put on a summer dress on, with a demin jacket, with vans on too.You left to go to the park where you guys first met.”hey hun” He handed you sunflowers which was your favorite flowers.”I have some bad news to tell you”


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