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The Death of a Young Girl’s Father

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With tears in her eyes “It’s my father”

“He… He’s…..” she stutters

“He’s dying” Her bright blue eyes are now filled with animosity, anger, sadness, dread, unknowing, and longing for someone to run to, somewhere to run to. Anything at all she can grasp onto for help.
She’s crying so heavily she can barely mutter a word, more or less emit a complete sentence.

The little angel cries helplessly as she unfolds her wings from the sleeves in the back of her silky white pajamas, showing the top half of her left wing torn as if someone had ripped it apart. The energy was shooting small sparks out of the torn nerves like electricity.

“They came out of n-…. nowhere… We were walking through the.. park for the first time in a long time.”

“The.. fae” Is all she could stammer out before bursting into another round of tears and sobs.

“We were walking through the park, not too far from home at all. We weren’t in Fae territory for sure. I’m never truly unarmed and I could have taken them, but all they were after was my father and they took us by surprise. Within seconds daddy was on the ground, and the one who shot him, behind me, ripped my wing and ran off as I started screaming.”

She yet again bursts into another round of sobs as she states “Daddy…. I can feel his part in me is gone… he passed not too-…” And whatever it is she said afterward was unrecognizable as she blurted everything in with a mixture of heavy gasps for air.

“I couldn’t stop the bleeding. I couldn’t do anything. I COULDN’T DO ANYTHING… I.. I couldn’t do anything to help him… I tried running for the Inn for the help of a friendly fae who may be able to heal his wounds, but on the way, a group of three had stopped me. I…… killed… two of them but the third…” She holds out her right arm to show where her hand should be. The arm leaked with some type of blue essence. “It should be an easy fix, all I need is a source to replace the hand but… My wings are connected to my spirit. It will take a long time for that to heal…”

“Before he ran, he looked into my eyes and said -I’ll find you and I’ll kill you… soon…-“

Her clothing was soaked. By now, adrenaline was wearing off and her pain was increasing. her tears turned to wails as she dropped to her knees. With her hands over her eyes and her knees pulled to her face, she screams in terror, a ringing setting out in all residents in the lobby. “Daddy why did you have to leave me! Why did this happen to me! WHY NOW.. I DON’T WANT TO LIVE WITHOUT YOU.” Another yell and more tears pursue as she most likely becomes a burden on the residents of the Inn.

Her body begins to convulse as blue energy begins to seep out of a small slice across her chest. Her spirit. The one thing that if destroyed can truly kill her. The spirit begins soaking her dress and spilling onto the ground, staining surrounding objects.

With fear in her eyes, she looks up at the reader then down to her chest, struggling to use her one hand to summon the medic her father had created if this were to ever happen.

As if an artery were cut in two, her spirit tears a hole in her silky dress, shooting across the room, staining the walls. Sugar Cube screams in agony as her energy begins to fade.

The little girl begins growing silent, her eyes struggling to stay open, her spirit slowing its escape as there isn’t enough left to cause much pressure.

She’s dying.

Everything is slowing.

The room is growing darker..

Her short life flashes before her eyes..

The energy stops leaking, the angelic light in her wings and aura begin to fade.

The little girl, age twelve, lies silent, contemplating the last moments of her life. With a single last tear escaping from her eyes (now drained of their color), and the young body beginning to still, the reader would notice a small magic dart in the side of her neck, glowing with a red-greenish haze.

Sugar Cubes’ body, now lying in silence, lies lifeless as the very last drop of her spirit leaves the gash over her chest.

Her spirit, spilled across the floor and splattered across the wall begins to fade its blue glow, and as the last energy of her spirit begins dying, the residents of the Inn would hear a whisper in their ear as Sugar’s fairy medic appears.

(medic: “Stay clear and away from the corpse!” The tiny fairy gathers up the still slightly glowing energy in a small bottle. Blowing some kind of golden dust on it, the spirit begins to glow a little bit brighter. Looking at the reader she smiles. “No worries. She’ll be okay. But it will be a few months at best before she’s up and moving.” She opens a small portal, whispering “If only I could have saved her father”. Shaking her head, she enters the portal, disappearing for the night).

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