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The Death of Essie Johnathan Nest

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-=Location – Red Sun Graveyard=-

Essie walked into the graveyard. Eyes looked like shattered moons, tired, broken soul. Why can’t it just be calm and peaceful? Why this goddamn inn dissapears every other month? The neverborn neko jock was just petrified by the silent and shivering look of the graveyard. Some little, almost dying spark of joy sprinkled inside his chest as he thought of taking the letter G from the graveyard. Why not? Then there will be a fun dancefloor, disco inferna, alcohol and shit. But no. He instead though of Jerry, a soul he thought either as of a afther, an uncle or an elder brother. Where is Jerry? Is he okay? Essie sighed and stepped further past the many graves. He knew many funny spells for animating dead properly, and… No, don’t. He is too damn tired. He is too fucking exhausted from all of this. War, another, third, and more and more… “What did I do to deserve that huh?” He said looking at the skies. Fuck it. He sat at a bench and took out a bottle of whiskey, and two small glasses. Ess poured himself a shot and sighed before downing it.”Una mattina… Mi sono alzato…” Essie Johnathan Nest sung quietly, questioning his existance and the problem of reality. His ears were hanging down, white short and spiky hair was all bristled and wet. Yellow eyes were empty of emotions and a blank, plain pain of existance filled them like a smoke on the water. “Fire in the skies…” Ess was just slowly driving down to the cliff leading into the dawn of madness.

“Yo.” Someone said by Essie. It really did startle the young-old-man as he looked over his shoulder. Elessie. The lifespan cancer of his was standing here, phasing and blurring trough time and space slightly. LSC: “Howdy ol’ man?” SC: “…I think you know how.” Ess poured his temporal clone a shot as he sat by him. Elessie had an old face and yet almost infant like skin, nearly blind eyes and halfway gray brown hair. Both downed their shots of whiskey, no words were needed.

“…how is Shishi?” Elessie asked his more lucky self Essie. “Haven’t talked in a while.” The blurry man sighed with an echo and looked at the floor.

Sudden stab. Essie had no time to react.  Elessie just stabbed him deep in the back. The blank frustration in his eyes turned into primal fear. No. Essie coughed some blood. “You… Bastard… You son of a bitch…” LSC: “We are the same fucking person. No one will suspect a thing.” Essie felt weakiness, pain. Essie slowly faded as El held him sitting. His dying breath was… Slowing down until it almost stopped. Elessie was giggling maniacally. “To die on a graveyard by your own hand. Idiocracy.”

They sat there for a minute or two, and after some time “they” turned into “him” and a dead body. Elessie fastly, using his chronomancy, dug up a hole and threw Essie in it, burying him there and not leaving a single fucking evidence Essie Johnathan Nest was lying dead under the grass. The crazy temponaut was laughing like a psycho he is.



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    1. Glitch-Trix 6 months ago

      Big oof buddy

    2. The Wandering Writer 6 months ago

      Rest in… um… something that starts with a P

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