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the deep truth: the beginning of my life

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secret of the wolf eye           I never had a chance to explain what i’m truly am inside.

this may be some roleplaying group/website but not to me… what i mean by this is that…*sighs*.. i just am like this creature ive formed. Winter is my true wolf form..and yes, what im doing is exposing myself to this world. Yes i may be putting myself in danger from humans like all of you. and you may call me a freak but i dont care. no body knows the pain and pressure of hiding this very secret. this is called Werewolfism or as you may hear Lycanthropy. a desease or what my kind calls in a curse. but to me …it’s not a curse..its a blessing. to really be myself but i guess theres not many werewolves out there. i still dont have much courage to write this but Who ever does read this im sorry for what you have red. this is one part of my dark and deep truth.

if you all want to know more about this ….leave a comment ig..


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