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The Extras

The Extras-23aa1206
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Not a cliché 

It took her a while to process the words.
“€20? For a cake?”
The cashier nodded with a slight fear in his eyes. People like him see crazy people everyday, but this was more of an insane occurrance.
“Would you pay this much for some cake? Yeah, Okay, understandable if it was some high-class cake but for this?!”
She shakes the box consisting of a plain vanilla cake which was iced with buttercream, as it read on the label.
“You can get a damn cake mix for €2.50.”
“Then why don’t you go buy a cake mix lady!”
The voice echoed from behind her. As an instant reflex, she turned her body right around, facing the line behind her that she kept up for a while.
Her eyes darted around, pretending to know where the voice came from.
“Ooh, you’re a cocky one aren’t you.”
She was mad.

“I’ve had a few others call me such things before, doesn’t phase me.”
He emerged from the line, instantly becoming the odd one out with his dark clothes. Black shoes, black shirt, black joggers, and a black heart.
“Fucking Lin, I knew it was you.”
Her voice radiated almost as loud as the slam of the cake box. While charging towards him, the line moved forward and some people moved aside.

“Hey muffin, or should I say cake mix?”
It was concerning how smooth the sentence flowed from his mouth.
“It’s Kandice, loudmouth. My name is Kandice.”
“Muffin, cake mix, Kandy, Kandice. All the same thing.”
The grab of his collar caused him to grunt, the sound followed by the close of the shop door.
“Call me something other than my name asshole and I’ll fucking kill you.”
“You have anger issues woman, like massive anger issues.”
“It’s the consequence of being your babysitter. You get on my nerves big time and you don’t understand how fucking worried I was when you weren’t answering my calls.”
Within a second, her phone was right in front of his face, the brightness of the phone screen causing him to squint. After adjusting to the light, the call log showed him the numerous attempted calls to his phone.
“Were you worried enough to cry?”
He raised an eyebrow, pushing the phone away with his hand.
She stayed put with a threatening look in her eyes.
“This is why we wouldn’t last together. You never, fucking, care.”
In this moment, any other person in her shoes would walk away. Kandice, however, learned that doesn’t solve problems. So she just stood there, hoping he’d walk away instead.
“You think you can guilt-trip me?”
Lin clenched his jaw.
“If you think I’m that easy, you clearly are insane. You think I’m gonna hug you and apologize just cause I wanted to take time away from your bitchy attitude. Wait, wait, sorry. I forgot you can never be bitchy, cause you’re the main character and everyone loves you.
Well guess what, you’re not a hero.”

It was harsh. And to make it worse, the setting didn’t match the mood. People were happy around them, everyone having lunch and laughing. The sun was bright and it was a perfect day, and it still was to everyone around them because their life didn’t matter to anyone else. This was since neither of them were the main characters of this story, in fact, they would be the side characters in any movie if either one of them could land the role.
Pardon, did I ruin the flow? Should I have introduced the main characters instead of irrelevant people?

Wait, wait. Ill try again and do just that.

She was an average nerd, and he was a bad boy. They would never think that it would end with them together..but low and behold, that’s exactly what happened. They both fell in love and-

I don’t know about you, but this is rather boring.
I’d much rather see what our background characters are up to. You can come along if you’d like.


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