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The Eyes

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The worst defects that Luxx had was his eyes. His eyes were a dead give away that he wasn’t quite… human. With a bright inhuman green and slits — like a snake — for eyes. Any person would think that odd. After many failed attempts to try and change that. His creators decided to do surgery on his eyes. It wasn’t in any sense of the word good. It hurt like any other experiment they did on him. They couldn’t knock him out for him nor did they want to. They just strapped him down to a cool mental surface, put a head strap on and went at it with no numbing. 

All Luxx could remember was the pain and blood. Months after he was deemed to wear a bandage over his eyes, always soaked with his dark red blood. Also, the pain never seemed to seize. Drugs would have helped, but his creators never gave him any for that they might mess up their work on his eyes. 

Months passed and it was finally the day that they were going to reveal his new eyes. They slowly undid the bandage. Luxx’s eyes were closed. “Open your eyes, Luxx LX,” One of the creators beckoned. It took every ounce of Luxx’s strength to open his eyes. 

They were a dark brown color. The size and shape of a human eye. The creators clapped and patted each other on the back happily that they finally found a way around the Illumi’s eyes. But then Luxx blinked — 

— His eyes turned back to the bright, inhuman green, with a slit in the middle. His creators fuming with anger struck him, gouging their thumbs into his eyes in spite. Luckily for Luxx, his enhanced healing mechanism and saved him from going blind. But to this day, he doesn’t like people near his eyes. 

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