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The Failed Hunt, Part Two

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The light was blinding…

Even if the trees partially blocked the sun, in some silent alliance with the clouds. It stung her eyes as they opened. Dark brown eyes being revealed to the world once more. A slow breath. A shaky breath. One that felt like it scraped her throat with a thousand tiny knives. One that set her lungs alight with flames…

She could feel the soft pounding of her heart slowly rise. She could feel every beat course throughout her veins. Each one was a hammer beating against the back of her skull. 

The hunter lay there, almost still, apart from her chest moving with every agonising breath she took. Was moving an option? It certainly didn’t feel like one. Everything felt… Stiff. As if she were little more than a glorified rock. It wasn’t numbness she felt. It was nothing. Apart from the tips of her toes and fingers. There was this sting of sorts there. As if she had been frozen, and then dipped in boiling water for only a second. She couldn’t even feel the armour which pressed against her skin.

Her toes squirm in her boots. Her exposed fingers begin to sink into the dirt. Movement! That was good! All other matters were thrown aside, as the feeling flooded back up her arms and her legs. Perhaps a monster had paralysed her? Or perhaps she had breathed in something she shouldn’t have. But she can move. She can move. And movement proves she’s alive, does it not! 


Wheezing breaths become somehow harsher, as she tilts her head forward to look down at her body. Eyes widening sorely as she observed her lower chest. Her armour had been torn right through. In five, distinct jagged lines. Yet. The flesh beneath seems to only be scarred. Not bleeding profusely. This alarmed her. If something could do that to her armour. What stopped it from ripping her in two… she sat up, and her eyes cast around, desperately reaching for her bow, and her quiver. No such luck. It would seem. 

Raising to her feet, she wonders: where had she ended up. And why she was here. These woods were unfamiliar, at best. The flowers seemed too bizarre. And the trees too small. But something just seemed too… alien, about this place to make her feel at ease. 

And so. Asha pushed on. Choosing to go west, following the soon to be setting sun, with the faint hope of finding home again. But then again… 


There are monsters in the dark…



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