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The Fall of a Goddess

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They say history repeats itself. And, well, for the beautiful, silver-haired woman currently falling to the ground, it was true. There were a storm, lightning and thunder crackling and rumbling through the sky, her body cloaked in one of those bolts as she hurtled to the ground. She was pale, more than any normal person should ever be, with a shining white crescent moon tattooed on her forehead. Her eyes were wrapped, a blue silk blindfold covering them, but if that weren’t there, she’d have the most striking blue eyes anyone had ever seen. They changed color, too, sometimes a bright baby blue like a summer sky, or sometimes a soft gray like the skies during the storm. At night, they became a deep violet, reflecting the stars in their depths. But, no matter what her eyes looked like, she had that lack of a pupil that made most think she was blind. She wasn’t. Not always. As she struck the ground, her back arched, rocks and twigs cutting through the dress she wore. She could feel them biting into her back, her sides, a strangled cry ripping from her lungs. Her skin was steaming, the heat from the lightning leaving burns that were slow to heal. She could still breathe, but barely, the fall knocking the wind out of her. Tears slipped out from beneath the bindings across her eyes. She didn’t know why she’d been cast down like this. Why she’d fallen from the heavens. It probably had something to do with the man who wanted to claim her as his wife, though she felt nothing for him. He’d always been the jealous sort. She lay there, though, as the rain cascaded down upon her, every last muscle in her body burning from the lightning that had cast her down to this place.

Slowly, she pushed herself up from the ground, the back of her dress torn from her, revealing more of those starry and glowing tattoos that covered her. She wasn’t ready to move, but she had to. In the distance, she could feel a city, its lights twinkling as the rain slowly let up. She crawled a little, trying her best to stand, water dripping from the long white strands of her hair. Slowly, she reached up and pulled the silk from her eyes, blinking those stormy gray eyes as she tried to get her bearings. The moon phase allowed her to see, which was a blessing. She gripped at the grass, even though it was slippery, and forced herself up to her feet, finding a boulder to lean herself against. For where she was from, no one would expect her to be so pale, but she was. And thin. The poor thing looked as if she hadn’t eaten in weeks, which was partially true. She made it forward a few steps, slow and careful, before she fell to her knees, the blades of grass and tiny pebbles cutting into her knees. She slipped, her face slamming into the roots of a tree. Her people were, at one time, so close with nature, she couldn’t understand why it was betraying her now. “H-help,” she tried to call out. Her voice was weak but reminiscent of the sweet song of a bird. She pulled herself forward a bit more, the exhaustion catching up with her, and she leaned herself against the tree. Blood poured from a wound above her left eye, though her blood wasn’t like any other human’s. It was silver, glowing, just like the markings that covered her body.

Alexandria Giovanni
-the rushed steps of Alexa could be heard in the distance, coming just from the shadows of the city she was looking at not too long ago. Her device warned her of a potential abnormality and gave her the coordinates. She didn’t know if there was a person there, or what she might encounter really. But once she was close enough to see the woman, she gasped, legs carrying her to the woman faster, despite her little impediment. Dear Gaia, what happened to her?- Hey … sweetie! Can you look at me? -Alexa had the most soothing blue eyes ever, her aura releasing healing energy from every pore. Nothing about the woman was in any way a threat to the recently fallen angel. Yet, for now, she only kneeled beside the winged being, visually inspecting her injuries, until the angel allowed her to get close enough to be able to do something about them-

Ataensie looked up, the sound of steps in the distance sending a wave of alarm through her, at first. That was until she realized they were the steps of something humanoid. She lifted those gray eyes, her breaths ragged and shallow. The woman who had approached seemed friendly enough, and the aura comforted her. She’d never been this hurt before, at least not that she could remember. She didn’t put up a struggle when Alexa knelt next to her, eyes closing for a moment. “F-fell,” she muttered. “I don’t…. don’t know why.” She couldn’t understand why she would have been cast out the way she was. Especially with the way she’d been locked away for so long. The moon tattoo on her forehead, the one that often determined whether or not she was able to keep going, dimmed in its glow slightly. She’d lost too much of that silvery, glowing blood, and it was starting to catch up to her.

Alexandria Giovanni
It’s okay … it’s okay … we can figure that one out later. Now, we just need to tend to your wounds and get you back at one hundred percent, okay? -her voice was soft and she opened her medkit, placing it beside her. She’d need some local anesthetic, cotton balls, gauze and a lot of bandages, by the looks of it. She looks back at the frightened angel and offers her another reassuring smile- We’ll pull through this, okay? I need you to breathe through your nose and tell me if you feel any bones broken. -an angel confused as she was, could only mean that she fell from grace and that was one hell of a fall-

She nodded, though it was slow, her head pounding. She was cold, but that was the least of her worries, honestly. And the gnawing feeling in her stomach was enough to have most people buckled over in pain. She was pretty good at hiding those things, though, since she didn’t often eat, to begin with. She took those breaths through her nose, but none of the markings had dimmed any more than they already had. “Food.” Way to go, Ataensie. Forget about healing, just focus on the food, right? “It’s been…. too long since I’ve eaten.” Because he was angry with her. Because she’d dared to tell him she didn’t love him. But those were things she would dredge up another time.

Alexandria Giovanni
-poor thing must have been starving …. conventional medicine would take too long and the poor woman will most likely pass out on her way over to the inn. She closes her med case and smiles brightly- I’ll heal you, so we can go get some food from a wonderful innkeeper, okay? -she attempts to take the angel’s hand in hers and if she was allowed, she’d close her eyes, golden flames starting to buron over the phoenix’s body, her long dark hair brightening up and burling with the flame of a similar color. Ataensie would feel Alexa’s warmth and true nature, a healing phoenix, soothing and calming in her ways. When Alexa removed her hand, the angel could catch a glimpse of a golden feather, glowing in her hand. It stayed there for a few seconds, then melted into her skin, the healing energy within the feather making haste to attempt at healing all her injuries, visible or not-

As the healing began, and her hand was taken, those stormy eyes widened. Her people had their phoenix legends, as most worlds did, but they were just called something different. As time had gone on, she had learned the different names. “You’re…. a phoenix,” she said softly. That was rare enough, but even more rare that she’d meet one that had human form. The warmth seeped into her bones, her markings beginning to glow brightly once more. The wings she’d held became more vibrant, filled with blues and orange, gray and stark white. She’d eventually have to explain that she wasn’t an angel, not really. But, for now, she’d wait. She needed to be able to walk, more than anything else. “Thank you,” she said. “I’m in your debt.”

Alexandria Giovanni
-once the healing ended and Alexa’s hair went back to normal, she smiled and opened her eyes- Yeah, I’m a phoenix … -she cast the girl a wink and carefully stood up, trying to protect a little her broken left arm, well more than the cast around it could anyway. The angel could now get up and take her first confident steps on this new and twisted world and Alexa holds out a hand for her to take in her own time- It’s what I do, so there’s no need to owe me. My name is Alexandria, by the way.

She took the offered hand, a soft smile touching her lips. “I have…. too many names to remember them all. But you can call me Ataensie. Or, if it’s easier, Ensie.” She stood, a hand pushing through the soaked white strands of hair. “Even if you don’t feel like I owe you, just know that any time you are in need, you can call on me. Selfless acts like that are hard to find these days.” She slowly began to walk towards Persistence, the wings fading into the markings that covered her exposed back. Now that she was better, she was able to keep from hurting herself again. Even if the injuries were caused by her fall and her blood loss, she had no intention of letting herself get hurt like that again. Not so soon.


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