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The Family Dinner & The Night Before

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I’ve been so busy and happy for it. My heart is a a flutter, Devek’s back! And, alright, which I’m forever grateful for. I took him to my cottage the night I found him back in the tavern; with the children already there it was only natural that I do so. The thing with that is that all the children wanted to know as they crowded around us besides where Devek had been was what had happened to him.

I laugh now but when they first brought it up I was furious at him on top of being worried. I’d thought that he’d just banged himself up a bit while still recovering from the virus but apparently it was a lot worse…which reminds me I’ll have to repair the special shirt that I gave him. It may take a lot of damage being nymph cloth armor but it went through what feels like hell itself, once I ran my hand over it?! I’m just glad that Devek isn’t as torn up, though come to think of it he was pretty bad off, as the shirt…

———– ——— ——— ———–

The first real family dinner I’ve had in a long time happened last night. It brings a smile to my face and warms my heart. I was really excited that I cooked a big meal. Chicken Alfredo with fresh homemade garlic bread, a salad with homemade Italian and homemade ranch dressing, and I’d have made a desert but we didn’t end up getting that far.

I found Devek drooling over the food and I think that if I hadn’t come inside when I did there wouldn’t have been anything left of it for the children or myself. But, I can’t blame him since it seems he hadn’t eaten in days. As we sat for sup I learned that the children had never before eaten salad…I have to pause to laugh as I realize that it only took a little to get them to choke it down, poor things they don’t like it. But, I’ll say that they’ll get used to it, I’m sure. All seemed to enjoy the meal aside from the salad and the forgotten desert.

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