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The Fight and My More Than Worthy Opponent

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I think it was about two days ago, I was in so foul a mood that the devil himself might actually have thought twice before coming near. I can laugh now as I remember but then…*sighs* …the night before I had had to take yet another bunch of people from this life to the next. my job is what it is and I’m a natural part of life but what hurts the most was that one was the death of Syn a friend of Iris’ and a father to a son that’ll never understand any of it. I can live with my job most days but two days ago I was upset at the cruelty of it all and wanted only to brood and hopefully come to terms somehow, with the anger within, over it. Greyling, had other plans. He seemed only to think briefly of whether to approach and then did so.

I was in the tavern had just had a drink of the strongest stuff in the tavern not five minutes before and was in a very dark corner of the place perched on a chair back with my feet on the seat and watching the patrons of the place that evening when Grey came in ordered his normal drink and I guess saw the flash of my eyes in the corner. For after a moment he approached and greeted me. I watched him come to me and nodded at his greeting…he let me stew for a bit longer before stirring the pot.

Grey seemed to know what I needed more than I did myself…after he offered to knock some sense into me (fight). I alighted from my perch and walked out saying that we’d see…more or less. Even in my anger Grey is still someone I care for and I wanted to test the waters more than an all out assault on him. I’d contemplated asking Rae if she was interested in a good fight but I didn’t really know if the two of us wouldn’t have ended up hurting each other or ‘killing’ one another (since both of us are a bit on the immortal side, though I don’t believe that there is ever truly an immortal..Everything dies eventually though it may take a very very very long time to do so). So, Grey was it.

We went outside in the cold and the darkness and we fought and as we fought my troubled mind eased and my heavy heart lightened…it was wonderful that Greyling offered me such a gift…and I care for him all the more for it.

Though, next time I’m not going to be going so easy on him….*grins*

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  1. Kayion Ravagarde 11 years ago

    ::cheers:: Great to have you back Quin, everybody missed you! looking forward to seeing you around

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