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The Final Farewell

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“My Dearest beloved.

I have written this for you so that you would understand…” 

“So, hows it going? Long time no see!”

“So,hey, do you remember that one time that we”

These were just a few of the one thousand words that Raziel had written. A pile of crinkled notes that would never be sent out cluttered around his bed. The bed that he had once shared with so many… the bed that he now only wished to share with one. “Bah!” He scoffed in frustration. He was a warrior! Not a poet! His words were spoken out with action’s of violence and war! He lacked the basic ability to write out his thoughts… to express his feelings… Something that they both shared…

Closing his eyes again, he once more set quill to paper. 

“My dearest Auriella.

The nights are long without you and i feel my heart ache with every passing sun. The stars have lost their shine and i find that the constellation’s have grown darker still. Though i know that, in the end, this chapter in our lives is over know that the time spent with you will always be something that i will treasure. Even in my death. You have taught me things about myself that i did not know and reminded me of others. You reminded me of what it was to be happy. Of the joy’s in life. For this i will always be thankful to you and though this chapter may have ended i find hope in the thought that our story has not. I feel in my heart that it shall continue in this life or the next.

With all my love:

The Broken God


  1. Allegra Gliss 4 years ago

    Allegra had risen with the sun after a pointless night of tossing and turning, thinking about Jack. No, not thinking, missing. She missed him. For a long time she just stood at the sink in her bathroom, studying her own reflection, red amber eyes tracing every scar, every wound, every flaw that marked her skin in a grand announcement of what she was. A fighter. And not like other women.

    Finally she got in the shower and let the hot water beat down on her in an attempt to bring sore muscles into submission. She pulled on skin tight black pants, sports bra and a olive drab tank top before heading to the gym to warm up in peace. To her surprise, Rico was already there.

    “Buenos dias, chica.” He grinned at her.

    “Not sure I agree with the good part, but yeah, it is morning. You’re right there.” She replied dryly, starting to stretch.

    Rico laughed, a rich and pleasant sound. “Damn, chica. I think you’ve gotten sassier. I like the change.” He watched her stretch. “Not that there was anything wrong with you before. And I certainly can’t see any flaws from where I am standing.”

    Allegra glanced over at him and he wiggled his eyebrows suggestively and she glared daggers at him. “You do know I could kill you in about thirty different ways right? Stop oogling my ass.”

    “Mmmhm, but what a way to go.” He replied.

    Allegra straightened up and he tossed her a staff. “Come at me, Chica, put your money where your mouth is. I want to see if the work we did on that training mission in Stalingrad was a fluke or not….”

    She caught the staff and attacked without warning. It wasn’t long before she was lost in the fight. Rico and her had trained together with a mixed matched group for about two weeks and she was surprised by how much he remembered about her. They could move well together. At some point the other candidates had come in with Rick and Rika, staying back to watch. She knew they were there, but she wanted to be lost right now and Rico was a way out.

    “Them two hookers have been screwing with us. Aint no way this is au naturale.” Linus murmured to the group, and the others murmured their agreement. 

    Allegra was so focused on the fight, it took her a moment to register the alarms and the way everyone started running. When she realized what was happening, Allegra took off running in the same direction, Rico shouting after her.

    “Hunters! Hunters are here!”

    Those words made her heart stop. Seraphs. Seraphs had found this place. How?! How?! Was it somehow her fault? Had she brought this to these people? She saw daylight and ran even faster, bursting through into the light of day. It took a moment to register what she was seeing. What the fuck were these things?! Monsters. Horrible creatures with vaguely reptilian features, tall and spindly limbs, ash grey flesh, stringy white…. tentacles? Hair? She couldn’t tell. The most startling features were the mouth. Lipless gashes filled with stained teeth that put piranha to shame. 

    Rico had caught up to her and grabbed her arm. “Let’s go, Allegra! Get you out of here before the Seraphs see you.” He demanded urgently pulling on her arm. 

    In her shock, he manged to move her back into the mouth of the cave before she shoved him off. “What? No, hell no. I am not leaving these people. What are those things?”

    He looked impatient that charm cracking a bit. “I told you, they’re Seraphs, now come on. That’s an order.”

    This time she punched him and ran, she didn’t take orders from him. All around her was chaos. They Seraphs were cutting a swath through the colony’s defenses, but they weren’t killing, they were taking prisoners. What the hell for?! It didn’t matter, she needed to move, to fight, to help. This was going to be bad. She wished for Jack, but she had to move, had to help with or without her handler.

    Grabbing the nearest weapon she leapt into the fight with a scream of feral rage the likes of which she had never heard from her own throat. It was moments before she was lost in the Haze. All the pleasure of killing washing over her as she moved through the Seraphs, limbs parted ways with bodies and she tasted their bitter blood on her lips, and smiled. The humans got out of her way, fleeing her just as much as the creatures she was fighting. The sibilant hisses and screams that came from the creatures were new to her ears and she took pleasure in hearing them. Her appearance had thrown them off guard, but they were recovering and it wasn’t long before she found herself surrounded, a slash took her from the side, ripping open her wound from the run in with the bandits, and she stumbled, falling to her knees for a moment, but she didn’t stop. She fended off the blows till she could regain her footing.

    When she was again standing, she killed two more, but paid for it in her own blood, but they were dead and she wasn’t. She could keep killing. The Seraphs paused as the closed ranks, studying her warily, and she caught her breath. An attack came from outside the circle that they had formed around her and they broke ranks, giving Allegra a chance to dart outside the of their defenses. Rico appeared next to her but she barely noticed, just went on killing. Through the blood and gore, the only moment she paused was when she thought she saw Jack, but then she back on the offensive. Rico was at her back and as long as she had Seraphs to kill, he was safe, but that wouldn’t last past the last Seraph. 

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