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The First Death of the Blood Hunt & How I’ll Never Forget It

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*a sadness weighs upon her* I’d come to terms with what I was a long while ago…and on most day and nights I can live with it. But, that I was called to do that job….the powers that be could have asked any of the others and it wouldn’t have been so troublesome…most don’t make friends with those not like ourselves… they’ve given up feeling on levels for those that must die. I find that I have not, for as long as I’ve done this job.

*gives a painful sigh* I didn’t kill…I don’t kill in that sense. I only take people from this journey to the next…no, one knows what I am…yet. I’d hoped none of these that knew me at all and by any name would have to see me…on the ‘job’. I am one of many angels of death….

*breaks down in tears* I…am…so…sorry, Iris! *she cries and for a good long while she has no more words, only tears and a broken look upon her face. Then as the tears stop she gives a small hiccupping sniffle and says softly* But, hopefully…that water oracle will bring you back to us… I…hope that if she does…you can forgive me…until then I’ll never forgive myself….

*she sits beside where Iris had been held by Devek in the salt mine by the sea. The blood spots soaked into the ground already. Looking into the silvery unseeing eyes that had at last seen something on their own, her…there to take her where she’d had to go… which was all wrong…that shouldn’t have been how she’d gotten to see anything. And, again she cries heart wrenching tears of pain and sorrow…rocking back and forth like a little child her black wings that were usually hidden wrapped about her. She hears something, besides the quiet and distant beating of the sea on the shore…someone coming and is gone…*

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  1. well i cant beep!

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