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The first death

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It was around sunset maybe, where this little memory begins. The sun was blazing at the edge of the trees, casting a warm light upon the girls home. A little hut resided where Everest had lived then. A small one story cobble hut with a oaken roof. Square windows placed haphazardly along it’s rough walls. It wasn’t much, but it was where her mother wanted them to live. Most likely to better keep her hidden. No one besides the nearby village knew about her anyway. 

Everest at the time, was only 70 years old. Considerably young for an immortal. A new born even. Her eyes had been glowing a bright blue that day, her dark hair cut up to her shoulders. It had actually been a considerably good day. Her mother, who usually beat her almost every moment had seemed to given her a day off. Only ordering her to pick weeds out of the garden. An easy task, much easier than her usual chores.

Though as the day had worn on, she had found herself buzzing with some kind of anticipation. Almost like she was sensing the fight that would soon take place. The death. It didn’t bother her though, it excited her even. Causing her to become hyper. She had never killed before, her mother left her alone long enough for her to settle that craving. Of course, she knew it was because of her demonic side. That overwhelming power and desire that she hadn’t grown to be able to control yet.

Her mother had gone out to the market that day, in search of cloth and food. Something they seemed to be lacking lately. Something was off though, the moment Everest had sensed her return. That buzz of anticipation seemed to grow, her body humming with that same excitement for death. It hadn’t occurred to her then, that this death would cause her so much pain. That today  would be the beginning of so many more deaths, so much more pain.

Though her mother and her weren’t human, they tried to hide it as best they could. Never using their powers around others, not even to defend themselves. So, the moment that her mom was dragged through the clearing, her face completely blank as the person who dragged her screamed in the older woman’s ear. Erika, Everest’s mother hadn’t stopped aging at 20 like she had. No, instead she had stopped at 45. Her blond hair was a little grey, while small amounts of wrinkles bunched around her eyes and lips. Making her looked stressed and mean.

Erika’s grey eyes seemed to glow as she saw her daughter, almost hinting at what to do about the man that was carrying her. This was a first, for her mother to hint at such things. The man that was carrying her was brawny, his muscles bulging as he dragged the woman by her hair. His eyes a dark chestnut brown, his hair of the same color falling in thick waves to his shoulders. Kamden. Her best friend… What was he doing?

“K-Kamden?” She had asked the moment he was within earshot. His figure seemed to tower over her at 6’6″ as her threw her mother at Everest’s feet, sending the woman a disgusted glare. He had always known how Erika had abused Everest, but she had fought him every time he would try to protect her. Claiming she was perfectly fine

Kamden’s eyes blazed with anger as he turned his gaze to Everest. “She is a filthy whore. Trying to seduce my father for objects, trying to strip his loyalty for my mother. A disgusting thing she is.” This was normal for Erika. To try and seduce married men for goods. Everest had agreed with Kamden though, that it was disgusting. Saying such things aloud though, that would just bring down her mother’s wrath.

Her mother growled at Kamden, lifting her head to bare her sharp teeth. “Kill him, Everest. Now.” That one demand had sent both Kamden and Everest into shock. That humming remained though, growing more powerful by the second.

Her eyes darkened to black as she looked between Erika and Kamden, her hands twitching. “But mom-“

“KILL HIM!” Erika roared, cutting her off. Her eyes blazing as she now focused on Everest. An order was always to be followed, no matter how cruel or embarrassing…

With that though she took a step towards Kamden, her eyes watering a bit even as her body hummed in happiness. Wanting to cause pain, wanting to hurt her best friend. “Eve, what are you doing?” He had taken a step back, looking frightened as he watched Everest. His brown eyes wide with fear. They were close, closer than anyone either of them had been friends with before. He even knew what she was…

Her steps only faltered a bit as he spoke. Blue seeping into her eyes for a moment, one tear escaping as she looked up at him. I’m sorry. She mouthed to him, more tears falling. A stab of pain hit her heart, causing her to bite her lip.

“Well, what are you waiting for darling.” Erika had stood by now, positioning herself behind Everest. Her hand on her shoulders as she whispered in her ear. “Kill him, you know you want to. You feel that hum of joy don’t you? He hurt me. Embrace who you are and kill him…” With that, she had disappeared into a pile of black ashes, knowing that her words had edged her daughter enough to get her to commit the deed.

A low growl emitted from her as she stalked towards Kamden, her body now shaking as it craved the fight. Craved to kill the man in front of her. Kamden couldn’t turn to run in time, Everest was already there. Her hands gripping onto his arm before a sickening SNAP rang out. The boy’s scream soon following as Everest let his arm hang limp.

“E-Eve… Don’t do this, please.” His begging only seemed to edge her on. A wide sadistic grin tugging at her lips. That craving only growing. Her humanity was gone. There was no chance for this man now…

Screams could be heard even from the village as she had torn his body to shreds, being careful to keep him alive as she continued with this torture. Making sure that every last bone in his arms, legs, and torso was broken before she let him die. Finally stopping the small amounts of healing she had been doing to keep him awake.

His body was smashed and contorted by the time she was done, the only thing untouched was his head. His brown eyes wide and glazed over. Dead. By now though, her buzz had worn off. The migraine setting in from letting her power reign in control like that. She had just laid there for awhile, beside Kamden in a puddle of his blood. Not a care in the world until it had finally set in. What she had done.

Small sobs began raking through her body as it finally hit her. Her body trembling as her body spasmed. It felt like she was dying at that point. The pain she was feeling felt like white hot fire. Her heart was killing her, it felt like it was being shredded to pieces. Though, in reality. It was just her heart breaking from the loss of a loved one, someone she dearly cared for and had wished to protect.

“K-Kamden, no. C-come back p-please.” She pleaded as she grabbed his face, holding it in her hands. Tears fell freely as she sat there, Just holding his broken body. Her sobs running through her body like shock waves. Only promoting the spasms that made her head hurt.

It made her sick, that she had enjoyed killing him. That she loved the feeling of his bones breaking in her hands. In that short moment she grew to hate herself, only provoking her to cry more. Her head rested against hit smashed chest, more blood seeping into her hair. Not that she even seemed to notice. She screamed, and screamed. A sound of pure agony ringing out for miles, causing anyone nearby to cower.

It had been done, the first death. The first burst of agony, and of course she knew. She knew that pain wouldn’t be the last. That much worse would happen. More people would die, and with them. So would that pain, that same agony. The only thing keeping her humanity there at all.


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