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The First Ember (Before Hellifyno)

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[For a time, passed into history just a few decades ago, this bright, warming, walking Sun wasn’t so “sunny”. There was a time, back on his old homeworld, that this kind, tall, wholesome mass of positivity was a lot more… reserved. A lot more shy about himself, the world, people, all that. His keen senses weren’t so keen, his physique wasn’t completely toned out. And despite learning of his powers, the immaculate strength and apparent resistance to name a few, he felt weirdly out of touch, but with what, he thought he’d never know]

[Wherever he looked, he saw as anyone saw, but always thought that a great fog was clouding his better sight, if he ever clearly understood what that was]

[Whenever he let his thoughts run about within his mind, he always found his stepping stones limited in number]

[Whenever he felt pain; /if/ he ever felt it substantially; or whenever he felt simple feelings, he felt as if something was supposed to fill in the gaps, but as of then, there was just that great uncertainty]

[Sometimes it confused him, other times it angered him. But mostly there were just the curiosity, the wonder, the strive to figure out just… why. Why he felt like he did. What couldn’t he grasp? What was hiding from him? And how could he find it?]

[That was figured out, on one very specific day in his own history…]



[It was a time before now, some 15-20 years ago. The location was an Earth, however one of another uniqueness; one harbouring its own Nexus Realm; the realm of a strange, magical gate, called:] 


“Neko’s Gate”.


[The main scene, which seemed to stretch out as far as only the imagination could limit, was a forest. One of countless varieties of trees, leaves, and greenery of all kinds. One of wildlife, untamed and untouched, yet frequently met by beings of a conscious sort]

[Forest life, forest plants, as far as the eye can see and then some. Areas of cultivated crops, or wild and tangled masses, and even gentle, open areas, of clear-view canopy or shielding branches and twigs of a curious tangle. Roots lay bare on almost every corner; a permanent sheet of leaves draped over and under those who stepped foot into this strange world. Magic clearly flowed wherever one went, be they magical or non-magical. The sounds of wildlife, animals of any and all sorts, echoed throughout the tangled mass of greenery, soil, and air]

[Seasons flowed with the time, and sometimes even mixed and matched, to create wonderful arrangements of forestry. Snow over here, Autumn colouration over there. It seemed however, that today was one of particular heat: a bright, gleaming, life-filled day mid-Summer, the Sun at its highest point, around noon. The rays of heat and light and warmth peered down through the canopy at sections, gazing into the hidden land of life below, reflecting off of gentle streams and rivers wherever they may flow. The land was rather silent, that is until, a gentle crunching of leaves underfoot disturbs a small flock of birds, leaving their feeding spots for the safety of the trees. The being which made the noise, in fact, wasn’t any predator at all. It was Kaler]

[Before now, he were dressed and looked differently, akin to him having not yet made himself look “unique”; his shirt was jet-black, but with an uncanny symbol of Superman on the front; his trousers were a deep ocean blue, and trainers were instead black laced shoes. Hair was rather messy, short, and brown. Eyes instead were a cool grey, as if full of kindness but void of an energy; they seemed to scan the surroundings, but for what? Why, a rather nice, quiet, convenient and green-covered space in the forest, completely open to the skies above with the sun radiating down at full force, fueling the few plants present. Grass was met with flowers of many sorts and colours spread evenly in all directions]

[It was perfect, and Kaler made straight for it, leaping and bounding and even hovering at times over the twisting and turning roots and mounds of Earth, until he came upon this singular clearing, no bigger than about 5 meters in every direction, from the centre point. Quickly did the Solarian plop himself down onto the grass bed within the exact centre of the area, lightly stretching that form of his, before letting his legs cross as he simply observed, and basked in the warmth of the Sun, much like a reptilian would]

[He knew that his powers came from the sun, sure, though he always felt like there was more to it than that. Whenever he slept, he had some dreams from time to time; they always consisted of the Sun, and strange, golden wisps of light that danced around his fingertips. A strange… voice?, seemed to call to him each time it happened, one like that of a woman’s; weather or not it contained wording, he could never figure out. But whenever it did, it always turned out too distant, too much of an far flung echo to be easily distinguished by the naked ear. Forever leaving him in the unknown, so very confused, wanting to know more]

[It was here that, like he’s done before, he tried to listen for the voice, remaining in a still, cross-legged position, like he were meditating. Just, breathing, deep and softly, drowning out the sounds of the world beyond this realm. The usual thrum of commerce, the busy honking of horns, the laughter, the anger, the noise in general, all artificial and man-made. Not here. Instead replaced by nature, the sweet chorus of an occasional bird, and the peaceful, distant noises of other animals, and the breeze that brushed through the various trunks and stems]

[And yet…] …why, dang it… [He spoke softly, to himself? Or rather, to the world around him] …why can’t I hear her….this is so confusing; /why/ do I hear someone in my dreams… [A fist was balled, a long sigh escaping his lips for a few seconds] …is this some trick? Some prank? I’m right here! Heyyy, you got me, hahaa…hnn.. [Letting out a pained grumble, as his body just lazily flopped back onto the grass below him, arms spread out either side of him, to be held in a comforting way by the Earth and its plants]

[He felt he could understand nature better than he could any sentient being, at least normally. Everything out here just seemed… balanced. And whenever he was outside, just sitting amongst nature, and he fell asleep for a good period of time, plants always seemed to grow around him almost, curling their tips and heads in the young aliens direction, as if he were a Sun. He always thought to himself on that, curious as it were….-]

Wait…. [He did, perhaps, just figure something out. Plants curled towards him often, and plants seek out active sunlight and solar energy, to convert into glucose and all that stuff. So… could the golden energy he keeps seeing, actually be…. /his/?] Wow….I’m so oblivious if I didn’t realise this before… [After a momentary facepalming, he took his hands to sit within the air before his face, eyeing them, and pondering some more] But….how will I do it? [Well, in his rather innocent mindset, and somewhat illogical way of first going about things back then, he got up, and began trying to use it]

[What followed would be a montage of many failed attempts of using his apparently secret ability, involving many random, unwise and otherwise silly tactics such as….]

[Trying various poses!, throwing his fists forwards powerfully, as if to trigger some sort of power, but to no avail] Dang it.

[Repeating these, but speaking random sentences as if speaking a magic spell] Sunshine! …..okk, uhmmm….- Solar Flare! …. [Momentary sigh] Ok this is silly.

[Extending his hands out towards a tree, as if to command it to grow!, or something similar] Grow!! …..please?

[And after a good hour wasted in vain, he was once again sprawled out on the grass, on his stomach this time, head partly planted against the dirt with arms that went around and folded, to rest his chin against them. A gentle gust of air escaped his lips, brushing over some of the blades of green dotted endlessly around him, signifying his calm frustration. He really was a child, in a complex way. A poor soul, trapped till who knows what day within the same shell, never to grow nor seemingly mature]

Hhhh….maybe I am imagining things….why would an angel pop into /my/ head anyways… [Before he knew any better, he assumed the holy and hellish lands frowned upon those who grew outside of “Gods” making; how wrong he’d end up being, but for that time he was still small. What lay before him? Grass, so much grass, save for a sturdy, fighting Lily flower, sprouted all fine and proud before him with petals of a reddish-pink hue. An arm, like a snake, slithered up from under the sun child’s chin, to as if grasp the plants stem, apparently aiming to yank it thro, to symbolise his boredom, but rather…]

[He instead just held it, gently, between index and thumb as if it were a small twig, but one much more smooth, and malleable, bending gently within his grasp. He let the skin of his fingertips caress the stem for a bit, finding it a soothing way to calm his nerves so to speak, or to even sedate his mind, as he felt as if he could sleep soon. What else was there to do? He knew not; what /could/ he do? Just to get an idea of how to make this gold energy stuff. How to feel it, wield it, show it, wear it…- Wear it? Hah, that was a weird one, guess it’s showing how his mind sometimes thinks: randomly. Oh well, he really didn’t know better, I mean look at him now; laying on a random grass bed, stroking the stem of a flower with gold shining around his finger tips, an- WAITWHATGOLD!?]

[His fingers suddenly jerked away in a surprised manner; as they did, the gold seemed to vanish] Dang it!! [He said rather loudly, sighing in frustration; it was /right there/ /howdidhenotmanagetouseit/ aaaaaaaaaaaaa….- OK!, ok, just, breath, yeah, breath, be calm Kaler. How did it happen? What were you /doing/? He looked back to where the fingers had been, upon that stalky stem of the Lily…. But why the plant? How would a plant connect to the su- Ooooooooooh, that’s why, now it made sense! Plants “ate” solar energy, of course! Well, took it in, stored it, converted it, you get the memo]

[So….he could do the same? Or, more than that? If he saw the gold, that meant that he could control the energy….right? Well, he decided to give it another go, so back to the plant did those fingers go, surrounding the stem within the digits once more. And this time? He closed his eyes, intentionally now, trying to let himself calm down. And slowly but surely, it seemed to be having an effect. In….out….in….out….the calm, summer air filling and exiting his lungs, filling him with a nice lease of calmness, just trying to exit from all other senses, par his fingers. Just to try and hear that voice again, see the gold within his fingers, to actually….learn]

[It was faint at first….as if lossed under the roaring sound of waves, clattering over the surface of the planet, to hide the bounty that laid beneath, to keep it hidden in a possessive manner]

[As if he wasn’t ready, wasn’t fit to learn the secrets. Too young? Too immature? Too shy?]

[The voice however saw different it seems; as if it could fight, it pushes up against the weight of that water, forcing its way to get closer to the boy’s soul, his mind, his heart]

[Even before he felt it, he was held at a balance; he wanted to see it happen, dang it, but it all seemed….strange, un-real, despite how this realm worked]

[And then….]

[There was….inaudible, graceful, gentle, kind, soothing, and heavenly singing. Singing so ethereal in nature, so soft yet powerful in its own way, so bright yet comforting on the eyes; he could /see/ something too, but not clearly, but that almost didn’t matter. Though he did slowly open those eyelids of his, and….gold….his fingers, had /gold/ on them!]

[He wasn’t quick to move back this time, no, this time he remained still, soothed by the song, as he just stared for a moment, moving the fingers, rubbing them against one another. It felt so….tingly? Warm too, and constantly flowing….though it didn’t seem to come from the plant, rather….]


[At this point it were as if the area around him had faded away into the back of his mind, both mentally, and even physically; he was still laying, soon to “kneeling”, but he was doing so within a weird, dark void, lit only by what seemed to be a huge Sun. And in front of that Sun, was the very source of the singing. A being that could only be described as an Angel]

Prominence by Tsuyoshi Nagano

(Without the sword)

[This being, whoever she were, was unlike any Kaler had seen before, even in your typical Gods, Goddess’ or Angels. There was something so….different about her. Even with the rather holy attire she wore: the loose, wavey yet hugging dress that seemed to flow in the void of space; the slim, gentle, soft physique that expressed compassion; the staff in hand that showed power, yet not the melicious kind. It were as if /she herself/ were the Sun that stood behind her being]

[The real reason, would be that she herself were a Solar Spirit; rare beings who exist within the magical energies of Suns throughout the Multiverse. This one however was rather unique, and drawn to Kaler quite so specifically. There was almost a….motherly tinge to her being, that made the subconscious connection to the boys heart and soul. His body even “stepped” forwards, across the void, to meet her]

[She spoke no words, yet beckoned him forwards, to which he obliged, and came right towards the tall, rather towering womanly figure, unsure of what was to happen next. Was he going to ascend or something? Go to heaven? …Die?? Before he could become anymore delirious however, one of her hands planted onto the soft, silver locks of his head, a sensation of calmness flooding his systems, gazing up to that warming smile she brought with her, as if it stretched across the known Universe in a protective sort of way]

[And then, she did two, rather unexpected things. She first lent herself down, and /kissed/ the very centre of the boys forehead, where one would expect the “third eye” to be located; an obvious pink tint did form on his cheeks, however before he could wonder why ever she did this, she placed her thumb against that area, a soft light emitting from her skin unto him]

[All at once his eyes seemed to widen, as energy seemed to physically pour into him from her thumb; or was she simply awakening his true spirit? Who knew; all that could be seen were his form lighting up for a moment, mouth agape and form glistening with new-found power, a steady stream that flowed out into a river, gaining its momentum and strength, before pouring all that excess into the wide, expanse of an ocean, one that /he/ held, /he/ felt, /he/ controlled. It wouldn’t make the greatest of sense to begin with; that’s just his nature. But this was the beginning, the start of something new for him to explore, to create with, to utilise]

[And then, as quickly as it came, the rush faded. At that moment, when her thumb disconnected from his forehead, he felt a strange, tiring feeling surge through him; perhaps the first embers were tiring to comprehend at first. Thankfully, as he began his individual, impulsive journey to faceplant….wherever, she responded by letting a long, caring arm take hold of his form, leaning him back up to her being. And then, she /hugged/ him. It had to be the kindest embrace he had ever felt since being aware of living. Not just the way she did it physically, but the way her aura soothed him, nurtured him, surrounded him. It was like he was asleep currently, but not at the same time….strange]

[Upon the void did she lay him, kneeling to plant a hand upon his head one last time, speaking for a short moment in history, before inevitably she would seem to leave…]

“Now you are free little one….free from the restraints you once lingered upon….”


“Now, you can test your true limits….you can help others….protect others….and save others….”


“Find it in your heart, not to hate upon me, or once your Father….if only the sands of time flowed different….perhaps then, we may have been together….”


“Never think you are on this path alone….I shall always be there….all you must do to find me, is /feel/….”


“Now, go, and be free….”


“….my son….”

[Eyes, not darting open, but rather opened with a soft motion, lashes dusting off the apparent sleep- Oh, he slept? And he were still in front of the Lily flower, however, said flower seemed to have….grown? It looked a lot larger than before, and obviously healthy. Had he been asleep that long? No….he had /grown/ it; fed it his energy, strengthening it, imbuing it with power. But then, was all of that….a dream? Was it not real? He remembered it though, so vividly, and the woman he saw, the words she said….they’re still very hazy, but he could’ve sworn they made sense to him. He tried to think over it, sitting up his tall form, brushing a hand through his soft locks of silve-]

[Soft locks of silver……….soft locks of silv- HUH?!]

[He got up fast, darting up off of his spot in the sunlight and a short distance into the forest, reaching in no time a small pond, which lay adjacent to the stream he passed not long ago. He hurriedly got to the bank, and lent his head over to use it like a mirror]

….w-woah….t-that’s….me? [He muttered to himself, staring at his reflection; it was him, but, a /new/ him. Those messy streaks of brown hair, replaced now by soft, neat locks of a brilliant silver tone, that seemed to compliment his rather new, “sunny” aura that he only just now showed, along with other parts; His skin, once riddled all over with freckles, now had fewer patches. And his eyes- his /eyes/!! No longer a rather dull shade of grey, no, now they were iridescent, life-giving, Sun-like eyes of gold! And not just any gold eyes; he looked closer, and within each individual iris, the colours seemed to “flow”; his eyes were flowing!! Just like the Sun!!!]

[A small time skip, a few tens of minutes later, Kaler was now standing over a cliff face, overlooking a rather picturesque sea-view, complemented by how the descending, evening sun of mid-Summer glistened over the gently flowing waves. This realms near infinite forests occasionally gave way to seas such as this. As the sun began to finally dip below the horizon, Kaler found his arm stretched out; his right; with the palm open, as if holding the Sun. As he did this, he felt this new, strange, yet quickly familiarising warm sensation, that of the Solar energy now awakened within him. He as if wished that the Sun would not sink below the horizon, but all too soon did it vanish….or, it seemed to, but he seemed to be looking at it still through his palm. So he pulled back his palm, and-]

Woah!! [Within his palm, he was holding the Sun!!! Or, not /the/ Sun, a miniature version! That was soooooo cool. And he quickly realised that /he/ must’ve made it! In the small time he wondered what his powers should be used for, he quickly began to understand, as he casually held the small stellar object in his palm. It was a weapon; one that could easily bring destruction upon many, many beings and structures alike. But, it wasn’t intended so. This was something calm, inspiring, gentle, soothing. The type of energy meant to lift one’s spirits, focus them on their goals, and give them hope]

“Be free now….my son….”

[The words finally clicked to him. He wasn’t a being bound by normalities, nor the harshest of natural laws or rules. He was /free/. And unlike the legends of Icarus, how ill-fated to fly too close to the Sun he were, Kaler’s fate would be different. He would proudly fly close to the Sun, and he would relish in this. This was a beginning; the beginning of Kaler’s powers. This was….]

The First Ember

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