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The First Shot.

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Picture this; A world much similar to our own Earth. Continents & countries & islands sticking out of vast oceans & seas, each brimming with vastly varying life from the miniscule to the gargantuan. On this complex planet there is also a dominant species called the Nahmu, a humanoid race incredibly similar to ourselves except for biological make up which in most cases causes the eyes of the Nahmu to reflect their magic affinity be it candle flames for fire, precious gems for terra, void for darkness & so on they are almost always identical to their affinity. That is except for one boy, a young child named who lived out in the desert lands. His eyes didn’t reflect an affinity but rather a power… this boys eyes smoked like the barrel of gun. This was more than strange or unique, more than an irregularity, it was unheard of & yet the evidence sat in that sand with a pistol in hand & a line of can pocked to kingdom come with bullet holes. 

That boy was Rorschach & this is his story. No… it’s his legend.

In the year 1640 a woman named Toralli gave birth to a baby boy in a quiet sand cover town. His affinity was a thing the doctor, sheriff, family & the whole town argued about for days on end as no one could seem to figure it out, why the young boys eyes smoked as they did. After a week the mother smiled down at that boy & said in a firm tone, “Rorschach, I’m calling you Rorschach.”

We jump a few years & little Rorschach is playing in the garden with his daddy watching over him, who just so happens to be cleaning his gun on the porch. Rorschach looks to the fun & something clicks in his eyes, in his soul. The smoke from his eyes coiled up more exaggerated & his eyes locked on to the gun causing it to suddenly fly towards him incredibly fast. The father shoots up to grab the gun but is too late & then… it stops, floating just before Rorschach’s face halo’d by a ring of smoke identical to that coming from his eyes & strange rune like symbols in rings just behind the halos.  “Tor…” The father called into the house to his wife who stepped out of the door to look at her pale faced husbands face, following his eyes, “Yes de–” followed by her immediately buckling her knees. Whatever Rorschach was doing wasn’t natural, wasn’t like any affinity they’d ever seen.

Soon the whole town had gathered round the home of the mystery child, each voicing their opinion on the act in front of them, “Smoke affinity!” “Metal affinity I say.” Still none were right, at least not yet & so he remained a mystery for many years. When he was old enough, about 8 or 9, his father tried to teach him to shoot but by attempt 3 Rorschach could shoot the prickles of a cactus & leave the trunk untouched & the bullets seemed to almost go exactly where he needed them too, much a surprise to each & every person who knew him. Soon Rorschach was a teenager & as most teenagers do at some point he believed  he fell in love. His first love was a redheaded young girl around his age who lived with her grandmother, both of which had only recently moved into the town after his 15th birthday & also like most teenagers do he tried to impress her using his mystery affinity. He went to her home with her one day & they sat on the porch with a coffee in hand as they watched the unmoving desert, broken only by the sound of the red head girl, Ave, speaking. “Whatever do you have a gun for anyway Rory?” She said completely unawares of his peculiarity.

A wide smile spread across his face, “Why Miss Ave, I’ll show you why.” as if on cue the smoke circled his gun, followed by the runes & it floated up besides him then out in front. Ave sat in awe watching the pistol move before finally breaking free of her trance, “What affinity is that?” She asked through a whisper. However just before he could answer another voice spoke up, “Gret unhi fro ninta frihm drolle.” Ave’s grandmother stood in the doorway behind them, shaking on her small frame as she walked out to join then, falling into her chair. “It’s ancient power, that of race that lived on planet long before us but perished now.” The 2 younger ones looked to her in disbelief as Rorschach spoke up, “You know of my peculiarity? No one was ever come close to figuring it out…” He seemed sad but hopeful as it seemed that whoever Ave’s grandmother was could teach him more of his power however she shook her head & sighed, “I only know legends of precursors who mastered laws of existence, bended reality to their will.”

Rorschach looked at his hands & then to the floating gun. “I… I need some time to sort my thoughts.” He walked into the desert slowly as his gun dropped back into the holster. It was a lot to process for sure, learning your skills come from some lost species you have no way of contacting or even knowing if they still exist. He wandered for a long time, mulling & thinking then came to a conclusion; he was going to find them even if it was the death of him. He didn’t know why he wanted to find them but he knew he had to, deep down. As if this was his calling he intended to set out immediately as soon as he got home but as he climbed a hill he could smell something, something rich & meaty yet off putting & sickening. As he crested the hill he saw it… right in he middle of town. Tied to stakes of wood were members of his village, being burned & shot at & beaten by a group of strangers each with flames in their eyes. 

Rorschach didn’t even consider it, he just barrelled down the will as circles of smoke coiled in the air around him followed by the runes. Suddenly his own pistol flies into his hand & he shoots one of the attackers in the back of the head before the bullet curved & went into the villager with his guts hanging out, putting him out of his misery. The other guns floating around him began firing at the rest as Rorschach moved directly for their leader, knocking him to the ground & holding his revolver bullet to the bandits throat. He looked into the bandits eyes & Rorschach’s eyes suddenly changed direction of the smoke, down blowing down into his adversaries throat as Rory pulled the trigger, the smoke ripping the life from the corpse without even noticing. 

First time is always the worst… right?


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