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The Foreboding Shore (Otherverse Chat Log 8/6/2020)

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A lone figure stood along the beach of the southern shores of the isle that harbored Persistence, gazing out at the sea before her. The being was shrouded in a dark hooded cloak and robes, to help conceal their form – shadowy and without feature.
This being, simply known as ‘Her’, or to one individual, “Spooky Bitch”, had been wandering for a while now. She had appeared seemingly out of nowhere one day; without a memory to her name, her past, or even what form she was meant to take. All she knew was that this world was familiar, and she had been here before.
Every day she set out to seek her lost memories, and bit by bit she had gained a bit of progress. She remembered Harry, the barkeep of the Blue Moon Tavern. She remembered the tastes of chocolate and tea being specifically significant in some way to her.
Thanks to one known as Tsubame, she also was able to remember a name that had been important to her. ‘Krieger.’ A skull, and two rooms. One that was nice, where the skull was scary. One that was not so nice, and the skull seemed afraid. There was also a voice linked to it, screaming something over and over and over again….
Then last night, there was a new revelation. An encounter with a strange individual that felt familiar, but couldn’t be recognized, developed a slow hint of memory. A simple gesture compelled Her to travel all the way here to the shore.
Now she watched the waves in silence. It was almost as if a voice was telling her to go further out to the sea, like a siren’s call. Yet another voice told her to stay away, because what laid beyond was not something to go near.
She felt though as if the voice that screamed in her memories was also out there somewhere.
Eventually, the figure made their way forward, hesitantly taking a step into the water, only to pull back. It was so cold! So cold and wet…
She froze.
Cold and wet. This was very familiar.
She closed her ‘eyes’ – rather, two hollow pits in her vague humanoid head that rarely showed up – and thought hard.
There had been a loud noise.
An explosion? No, more like a deafening crack.
Then it had been cold.
Cold. Wet. Dark. Suffocating.
She clutched her head, struggling to remember what happened next…
It hurt too much. She opened her eyes and straightened up, letting out a pained sound of defeat.
An inky tear flowed down her face and dropped to the sand beneath her feet.
The answers had to be out there, but they terrified her.
Exhausted, aching, and scared, she turned away, starting to trudge her way back to Persistence. Though it was likely she would just end back up in Consequence at this rate.
Whatever was out there, she realized she didn’t want to discover it alone.
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    1. Clayton Wade 2 months ago

      Entertaining and well written, an interesting read.

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