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The Forgotten World of Axcataru

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with the trail of life and death over and her life saved, and with some children on the way she didn’t want to risk their life’s she decided to go to a new world… far far away fro the troubles and torment of Hellifyno, she took a ship someone had made for her to the lost world of Axcataru (pronounced Axa-ca-ra-tu) even with the speed of this ship being so fast it took a while for it to be reached let alone found, when she reached the mass forest planet, with a few villages but they didnt have alot of people living there… kenzie had touched down in an clearing, she steps out of the ship and shuffled her position to look around the surrounding area, which was a thick forest with a medium sized log cabin tucked in the large bent trees, she smiled and moved to the back of the ship to get some items from it because she was going to be living here for the next couple years, though with the dramatic time shift she felt really.. blah she took the stuff from the back of the ship and approached the house, quickly taking out her M9 and searching the house, when nothing was inside of it kenzie decided she’d use this as her location of housing for awhile she moved the stuff inside and sighed grinning. actually this house wasnt bad, it wasnt worn down or destroyed it was pretty nice really. she slumps against the wall and rubs her face and smiled “im gonna be gone for a while huh”


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