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The Ghost of You (Part 2 of 3)

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When we left the plane, the women went to a training camp with General Roberts. The men went to a separate camp with Sergeant Phoenix. The navy men and women stayed at their boats to train.

It was a pain in the ass to have to fight someone who isn’t my enemy, but General Roberts said that it’s only to prepare for battle. “Schroeder, use your elbows! Schroeder, kick her harder!” I’ve heard her say to me. She’s supportive and encouraging but she sometimes puts us in a living Hell. “Schroeder, Webb, Monroe, Demeter, McCarthy, Del Toro, Joseph, Stanley! Faster, all of you!” she yelled when we ran. “Schroeder, Webb, Monroe, Demeter, McCarthy, Del Toro, Joseph, Stanley! Shoot!” she yelled when we practiced using our guns. 

After a week of that, we had the opportunity to emotionally prepare ourselves for battle. But a few days later, we had to fight. I immediately ran into a cave where no one would find me. To my surprise, someone was already in there. We were both scared to see each other, but I recognized him. He was the boy from the ceremony. I looked at him and said, “When you said that you regret this, I guess I do too. I’m Meighan. Meighan Schroeder.” I said in the quietest tone possible. “Private Logan Roberts. The General is my older sister. Pleasure to meet you, soldier.” He replied. “Likewise, Private.” 

From that moment on, we went to battle together, kept each other alive and well, and helped other soldiers. A few months later, we realized we were winning the war. We all rejoiced, but we still had to fight. 




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