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The Ghost (Still editing)

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Nelly June had a perfect life. It wasn’t that her parents, or her best friend, or her boyfriend. No, she died. High school prom, someone spiked the punch, and Nelly had too much to drink. She wasn’t popular, but not disliked or bullied, just someone in the middle. She tried to stumble her way home, she had lost her date in her drunken stupor. Then, everything hurt, and everything stopped hurting, in a moment’s notice. A drunk girl hit by a drunk driver. How lucky was she? Her own parents couldn’t recognize her, only her DNA confirmed it. She watched as everything happened. Now she watches everything happen. Some people see her, but most can’t. It’s slowly killing her…again.

  1. Allegra Gliss 2 years ago

    Sibel looked at Allegra who nodded and smiled. “Since the patient is willing, I see no reason not to go ahead and get started. The Caliph and Solan are in meetings till dinner and Lady Kadiza has gone to the orphanage so she’ll home late as well. Dinning will be a muted affair, you three will not be missed if you wish to go off world, though you’ll have to take a official transport to Lord’s ship, Ayad won’t allow him to land anything here till his next pass. You, as the Prince Consort, have the right to come and go as you please, just tell them in the shuttle bay where you wish to go and they will arrange it.”

    Allegra hopped off the table and went over to Jack, standing on her toes to give a him a soft kiss. “I’ll be fine. You go make Puck some new friends, then come home to me.” 

    Puck pushed off the wall and stood next Jack. He suddenly felt nervous, he hadn’t expected to meet possible handlers so soon and now he was being told to either put up or shut up. Taking a deep breath he clapped his hands together and looked at Jack with a grin. “Right, so take me to where the honey’s at! We might want to bring Adam along. He doesn’t want to break his vow to Allah to never take a life and as Sibel said, he couldn’t bond again anyway, but it would be good for him to see how things are changing.”

    Allegra nodded her head in enthusiastic agreement. She wanted Adam to know that things were different, better now. “Please take Adam with you if he wants to go? I know you and he aren’t on the best of terms but I’d be grateful…” She stood on her toes again, leaning in close to him, her cheek resting against his in a gentle nuzzle, “and I can be very, very good at physically expressing that gratitude.” She purred into his ear before gently biting his earlobe.

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