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The Golden Ruins

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Silence. That is all that remains of the broken city known as Ar’Elis. A silence caused by many events of destruction and loss of life. A once great city reduced to nothing but a ghost town. Only those with the greatest of resolve dare stay within the dangerous crumbling walls of the city. Scavengers, thugs, criminals, and any with ill intent in their hearts now roam the dry cracked streets hunting for whatever they wish. Any good citizen still within Ar’Elis find themselves horribly abused by those around them. Some left beaten horribly and left to die or others are straight up killed. Families have been torn apart, businesses ruined, years and years of progress demolished by just a few weeks of fighting. How low the city of Ar’Elis has fallen.


Though, the silence that hangs over a certain district, the Cursed Ruins, is suddenly disrupting by a thumping sound. A chorus of thumping sounds. There walking the cracked streets are golden humanoid creatures. The number of them uncountable. Each one reaching up to at least 15 feet in height. Made out of what seems to be golden metal, each sentinel has no defining features. Faceless statues that roam and patrol the streets for whatever reason. Each step they take kicking up loose dirt and sending any person outside scurrying to hide. The golden sentinels appear to be searching for something. At random intervals, one may peak into a building or investigate a collapse house. A sentinel than presses its hand up against a wall leaving behind a golden handprint before continuing on to another collapse structure. On many random buildings are golden handprints that glows signaling that that specific building has been chosen for some unknown purpose. The sentinels do not though go farther beyond the Cursed Ruins. Though some stand on the border seemingly acting as guards. Pretty bad guards some may say, for the sentinels do not keep people from entering or leaving which many are doing for fear of what may occur from the sudden appearance of the golden humans. A single figure sits surrounded by golden bricks scattered about waiting. Waiting for his creations to finish their task.


Hours go by as the sentinels continue their work of marking structures. The border of the Cursed Ruins are now lined with many of the golden sentinels that have completed their scouting. They wait standing still like statues. They wait for their order to return. Though this order is not given for another hour as the remaining few sentinel complete their work and join their brethren on the border. The lone figure surrounded by the golden brick looks up from his meditative state and stands sensing that the work of his creations are complete. The order is given. A mental order. ‘Protect.’ The sentinels suddenly stiffen, though such movement is unnoticeable by the untrained eye. Their bodies begin to dissolve slowly as their arms are brought up connecting each one to the other melding their raised golden muscles together. The eye sockets that house no eyes begin to glow a bright white as more and more their bodies become unrecognizable. Soon the district is now lined with a golden mess of melted metal representing some horrid attempt at creating a fence. The mass of melted metal is not important though as the top lining of the makeshift fence suddenly glow as a wall of energy erupts upward curving inward after reaching a certain point creating a golden dome of energy around the Cursed Ruins. A dome keeping all out and some in. “Now then. Shall we begin?” The lone figure mutters before standing. The golden bricks around him begin to glow as energy flows outward from his body. “It is due time this district received a makeover.


Red eyes stand at attention as pale digits drum on a large slab of brick. A brick made up of limestone and magic. Golden in color and smooth to the touch. Though some jagged and rough edges remain after a horrible explosion that shook the district to its core. All this is about to change though. The soft glow and hum emanating from the brick foretells of a coming change. Not only to it, but to every brick that resides within the now domed Cursed Ruins. “Bigger, better, stronger.” The young male sings out as the whole city seemed to begin humming just as the brick he lays on has. The handprints that adorn the buildings glow brighter and brighter as they expand on the walls becoming blotches of golden paint that expand and expand until the buildings all around glow that golden hue. The remaining people stare with amazement and fear as they recognize the color and the familiar feeling. They watch as the ever expanding glow does not simply stay within the bounds of the walls but also spread to the streets turning the cracked and broken road beneath them golden. Shouts and screams occur as everything around begins to dissolve. Everything golden slowly crumbles away into sand that doesn’t fall to the ground but floats up into the air swirling and dancing creating golden clouds. “First the district. Then the palace.” Some thought the creation of the Golden Palace was magnificent, but now they will see just how wrong they were as the city surrounding the district is blinded by a light that penetrates beyond the eyes piercing into one’s mind. A scene is etched into all who sees the instant transformation. The light fades slowly revealing a new district. A new Cursed Ruins stands. Maybe that name is no longer fit for what many are beholding. The Golden Ruins stands. Buildings that were barely able to stand on their own now replaced by golden palaces that puts to shame any other structure within the city. The streets are no longer cracked or worn. Now, underneath one’s feet, the streets are adorned with bricks of many colors creating a sea of red, brown, gold, and orange. A sea that catches one eye at the marvelous combination of colors and patterns to create a structured and beautiful path for people to traverse on. Golden fountains now spray cool blue water up into the sky that soon crashed back down into the small ponds trapped within its decorated low walls. Sitting up on a hill that used to be the location of The Golden Palace sits that bleached hair young male who just transformed a whole district. He looks out at his handiwork noting the beauty of everything around him. He should give himself a pat on the back for this. Transforming a destroyed city into a golden utopia isn’t easy.


A tired sigh as he turns towards the, now reconstructed, Golden Palace. He did not bother to make any changes to it besides fixing the loud gates that are now raised allowing him to enter within it. No longer will his ears be pained by the loudness of it. Below in the Golden Ruins, the few people remaining run around confused by the changes around them. Though they will find among them many crates. Looking within the crates will reveal supplies ranging from clothes to food to medical supplies. No longer will the people within his home have to suffer, for he is here to help rebuild the city. The rest will receive help in due time, but for now, he must rest. Rebuilding a district is not an easy task. Many questions hang in the air, but they will have to wait for him to wake up later.

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  1. The Other 3 years ago

    Good writing and cool. Helvegen wishes he had anything as sweet as the Golden Palace ^-^

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