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The Good Wife

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 He should have known they would send her. Gazing down upon his fortress decorated in the bloodied wings of dead angels. He should have known that she would have come. A shining light of white in the great read and black that had become his fortress. The white light of victory. Like a dancer she gracefully moved through his horde of lesser beasts and demons that occupied his fortress. With movements that were savage and precise she slid through them. Black and crimson liquid spilling out and covering her body in the blood of her enemies. A small chuckle escaped his lips. She was beautiful. She always had been.

He turned from the balcony and made his way back into the main hall. He knew she would be here soon. He had ensured it. Taking a seat on a chair that once belonged to a great priest of the angels Raziel awaited her. His mind traveling all the way back to their first meeting. Raziel had never before met such a woman who captured his interest. She was strong. A goddess of war and it was she who Raziel had chosen to be his bride. His thoughts carried forward. After several challenges she had agreed to be wed to him. He remembered their joining. The feeling of her form beneath him. The softness of her skin against his. The love that he had felt. The love that they had once shared. His thoughts were then broken by the sound of the front doors being forced open.

Zeirith had come to fulfill her duty as the Lady of War. Her duty as his wife. Raziel had slain one of their own. Slaughtered countless mortals, and sent their beloved Ethos into a great war that it would never recover from. The blood of countless was on his hands for no reason other than his insatiable blood lust. She knew not what had happened on Hellifyknow. She knew not where the man she had married was. What stood in front of her now was a monster. The shadow of the honorable god that was her husband. Without a word she pointed her sword to him and without a word he rose from his chair.

Their battle was legendary. Two gods battling their hardest. Two lovers who now must slay one another. Tears were in her eyes. She felt the pain of her duty but would continue to battle until the end. Her face contorted and red. Raziel’s, on the other hand, remained stone cold. The only defining thing of his expression was the lack of it. He was cold, calculating, his thoughts only on the battle at hand. A battle of two warriors. A battle of husband and wife. The hall rattled and rumbled around them. Walls crumbled, the sky became cracked and fire belched from the ground and swallowed both armies. This world would fall but which of these warriors would fall with it?

In the end, it would be Zerith who fell. Raziel’s blade piercing her abdomen. His power overwhelming her own. The hurt on her face became evident. As they looked into each others eyes in those last moments, The Fallen One reached out with naked fingers to stroke her face. The last time he would ever feel her. He had loved her. He had wanted to give her everything. Part of him wish that he had not gone down this road. That he had never set foot on the damned planet. However, fate could not be changed. He did not remove his blade from her. Instead she slipped off and to the floor. Her godly essence consuming her body and taking her soul to the pit where it may rest.

Raziel looked to the skies now. His sword dispelled he looked over the destruction that their battle had caused. She had never had a chance at winning. So why had she done it? The question scratched at Raziel’s mind. She knew that she couldnt win. She knew that in this place of destruction that victory would abandon her. So why did she come? He looked down at her broken helm. It had been knocked off in their battle and then he looked to her sword. Why did she fight if she knew she was going to die?

Collecting her armor that had been left behind he did the only thing he thought too. He sent it back. She was not like he. She was too beautiful. Too Honorable to let her memory be tainted by him. To have what remained be desecrated by the infernal planes. So instead it would be with her brethren. With Ehud, their son. He at one point had sought to give her everything. In the end it was she that had sacrificed all that she had. If he were still as he was… he might have shed a tear. For now, however, there was more destruction to cause. This war was not over and it would not end until Raziel sat above even The Sun God himself.

  1. Evelyn Rhoades 3 years ago

    We aren’t friends. At least not here. But you know me on another face and another name. All I want to say is your words are beautiful. Every time, I read them, I’m like “I must be friends with her.” But then I sit in the shadows and admire instead. Wonderful read. Thank you for sharing! 

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