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The gore parade.

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An angry crowd surrounded Alice with torches and sticks all of them were glaring at her. Their eyes were full of rage and hate the most innocent ones were looking at her with fear maybe those were the wisest ones.   Alice was tied up to a stick three times bigger than her. She was unable to move her hands or feet that nearly touched the floor beneath her full of dry wood to be burned alongside with her. 

A religious man gave a step forward looking at her with the same eyes as the others. His face was old and tired his bear was completely white but his head was bald only with a few chunks of hair on it” Alice you had been accused of having sex with the devil that affirmations true?  ” Alice blue eyes began to fill themselves with tears ” Alice is ..innocent Alice has not done anything ” She screamed, in that moment a rock with the size of a hand  hit Alice forehead knocking her out leaving a msall wound above her right eyebrow ” Shut up bitch are just a Devil’s slut  “the one who threw the rock said  it was a young man in his 16 standing next to the religious man” In that case …let God have mercy on your soul,,, In the name of God and everything that is holy we will give you the noblest death that we possibly can a death by Fire so your soul can be purified and take back to the realms of heaven ”  Grabbing a tourch the man who said to be spaking in the name of God threw the tourch to the dry peieces of wood innstantly turning them into a huge fire. The religious man turned around and looked at the crowd with a soft smile ” It is done my people the devil has left this place ” 

as the flames continued to approach Alices body she started to laugh making everyone feel nervous they all looked at her ” What are you laughing about Witch ?” the religious man asked ” …all of you .. are going to Die ! ” She continued to laugh  ” nonsense cannot escape from that place witch God is with us and he will protect us ”  Thanks to those words Alice/Queen started to laugh even harder. “ Your God has abandoned you ” After hearing those words the religious man began to get angry he picked up a rock from the floor ” shut up, SHUT UP” and just before he could throw it. A had crawled its way out from the ground holding his right leg. ” what? ” Surprised the priest led the slip his fingers and rock fall to the ground. The crowd around him began to panic as more undead began to crawl their way out from the ground. Most of those were women that were accused of being witches. Their faces were falling apart full of worms and rotten pieces of flash.  all the people started to run in different directions and scream to keep themselves alive. The priest looked at Alice with panic in his eyes ” W…who are you? ” Her eyes were completely black alongside all the veins in her body. The flames of the fire were slowly approaching her but it seemed that she was not being affected by it “ My Name is Queen, priest and just like you said I am the Devil’s  Slut her voice was dark and deep like her throat was being ripped out. Quickly the pries turned around and began to run towards the church luckily he was able to rip out the undead hand holding him on the ground with ease. Queen continued to stare at him as tears of blood poured from her black eyes. and like it was nothing the ropes holding her broke and she began to walk through the burning sticks in her naked feet without getting harmed at all.  Around her, a scene of butchery and gore was going on. the people were getting eaten by the corpses others were being torn apart as they screamed creating more undead people who eventually raised up and continued to help with the gore dance.. A six-year boy was lost and looking for his mom and when he found her she was standing behind him with her guts coming out from her body and half of her mouth pouring blood ” mom?” he looked at her terrified as she smiled before she began to eat his face seconds later 

 Queen continued walking her way towards the church her body was slowly getting filled up with the blood of others. Some of the humans tried to hurt her by jumping on to her with axes and anything sharp but their attempt were useless. Every time they came close to her .. Queen tears them apart limb from limb using her telekinesis without even looking at them her black eyes were placed on the church and her diabolic smile didn’t leave her lips.  Little by little all the buildings in Salem where burning with the flames reaching to the black sky. The screams in agony of those alive continued.  Many of the undead began to join Queen in her walk towards the church as they slowly grew up in numbers. 

When she was just a few meters away from the church Queen found herself with the one who threw the rock at her. He looked at her directly to her eyes for a second as she did. piss began to go down his pants but Queen didn’t show any interest in him and continued to walk and then the small 6-year-old kid smiled at him with half of his face missing  ” I am hungry mommy ” he said in a broken voice before he jumped on top of the 16-year-old with a few others eating him out. When Queen was standing on the doorstep of the church was able to hear his screams of suffering that quickly ended.  Once inside the church, Queens body was fully covered and soaked in blood. the priest was standing in front of the Altar looking at her holding a crucifix shaking in fear  ” s..stay away from me demon ..this is the house of God ”  the man fell on his butt holding the crucifix with two hands. Queen looked at him placing her head to the side a little bit. huge drops of blood fell from her body to the floor.  ” and what makes you think that ? …. you made it into my master’s house when you raped all those women …and me in that altar …no priest ..this is no longer his house is our masters…” Queen placed herself on four legs and smiled as she crawled towards him ” STay back ” he said panicking ” What happened mister you don’t wanna play anymore? ”  Her voice sounded kind of childish this time. It didn’t take her long before her lips were near his inches away ” STOP” She smiled as he screamed “ Kiss me ..I’ve been a bad girl ” She began to kiss him and before he knew his heart was ripped out from his chest like it was nothing. By her own right hand. The priest was able to look at her with his still beating heart on her hand before be died. Queen let the heart slip through her fingers and fell to the floor. She stood up and walked away as the undead ran towards the body and started to eat it up. Later on the whole Town of Salem was covered in fire and blood as Queen/Alice slowly walked away from it 

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