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The Grand Oppressed Allies speak

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Author’s Note:I will not be upset if you wish back out of the war, but please try and DM me about it



Morgan Seyfried

Aubrielle Sagestone

Lucien Dragonfang [BIG REWARD]

Dr. Count Nustin Dragonfang

Yulia & Arcturus Fowl

Jasupa Astua-Novu [His Brother In-Law Too]

Silver Hrro [BRING A TEAM]

Cassindra Hakisuru

Kira Cindel

Wynter Palmstone

Dante, Dimtiri, Wendy and Faith O’Romeo [BIG REWARD]

-Home:Jadia Bay

Dr. Leah Blossom + Her Experiments

Squall Leonheart

Breeze, John, Grayson Brahm

Jada Hadley

Clayton Wade + His Kids

-Home:Kaylee Shores

Krystal Nagihira

-Home:The Republic Of Everston

Alexandria Vailson [Fr. Singetail]

Gold Everston

Pandora Idaryum

Roxy Angelang

Rain [Relation To Ari Krite]

-Home:Nora Peninsula

Scout Q’Bruce & Her Wife 

Jax W. Vailson


Kat Coldstone

-Home: Asteroid Falls

Grace Wolf

June Summeroses

Svylia Yatsuki


Warancanos Jenkins

Zi’anna [Tratior]


Mikeala Sharpfang [BIG REWARD]

-Home:Chirstina Harbour

Maria Leona

Summer Winslow


Anything we can donate for regular rewards [It’ll be one thing and we will choose]

For Big Rewards, you may choose but again it’s one item


“2 New Allies have been brought on board, they are the Cult Of Hired and Forbidden Magicks Horde” Benjamin Voilettes would annouce

“The will ensue, anyone who betrays my mother’s command will be marked as a wanted for treasonous reasons..” Benjamin said

“Also my mother doesn’t appreciate the quietness from the GSE Empress, Akuma Outpost or Navasense Village..that will end this short annoucement” Benjamin said



    1. @syvastienaos-bloodfang Rains your kid by the way…the one you were given to adopt.
      I don’t know why they want her..but I ain’t gonna stand for it

    2. *Waran smirks: well then, guess I’ll have a bit of fun.

    3. Around what planet))

    4. “Well, then I guess someone will become my next meal if they come near my daughter or my niece. ” Naos says grinning and licking his fangs.

      • Author

        Rain Chaos Everston is still wanted, period

        • ” Well, then I guess whoever comes near her will be my next meal. You see I am not someone who should be messed with and I am very protective of my family. ” Naos says as his three black fox tails each split creating six deadly tails with mouths filled with sharp teeth on three of the tips and spear-like tips of the other three creep up and appear up over the 7’9″ male’s head. They can reach out over 500 feet.

          • Shannon Everston 6 days ago

            Alexandria would speak with her son “My Grandchildren ARE NOT YOUR TOYS!” Alexandria paused “I WILL KILL FOR WHOEVER DARES TO HURT GOLD, AMESTYST, RAIN, STACIA OR ARI’S YOUNGEST DAUGHTER”

    5. Naos smiles as his mother appeared next to him.

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