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The great beginning of Agenda Ignis and Fyzenguard Prince Of Fstendanoldhymer

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  • The foreseen door opens to a cradled crisp of the room. The door heaves to the other side as the old cobwebs stretched and degenerate. Fyzengaurd stood with a hand over a bleeding wound on his chest after a battle with an undeceived sheogormagon or a devil who lives in the depths of a dungeon. He stumbles forwards leaning against the wall as he still bleeds. His teeth gritted and his frosty eyes open and his head lifts to see a beautiful but evil-looking woman on some sort of a throne. Her voiced raised to say* :Agenda: ” I see…” * Her eyes glitter in the darkness of the room as she stands* :Agenda:” I am paid a visit by thou prince of Fistendanoldhymer.” * A smile forms on her face as she starts to step forwards, down stone steps that lead up to her throne*:Agenda: ” A young handsome man you have grown to be. Don’t look at me like that you now.It seems you have filled everything that your father wanted you to be” * Her smile only widens until she stops about halfway to him. Fyzenguard facelifts in shear pain as he says groanfully.* :Fyzenguard: ” Silence” * As he speaks he groans and takes deep breaths* :Fyzenguard: ” Silence you devil. You know nothing of what I have become or what I am” * Fyzengaurd gives a small yell grasping the wound ever harder as he looks down* :Agenda: ” But Fyzenguard I do know what you have become. You are a ruthless warrior who is ruthless and handsome looking. I want you Fyzenguard, I want every part of you.” * Fyzenguard looks up with a rage in his frosty blue eyes which Pearce right into Agendas eyes.* :Fyzenguard:”You bitch I am already married. I don’t know who you are or what even you are” * Fyzenguard chuckles seeing it as amusing but leans his head down and spits out a wad of blood from his mouth. His clothing was ripped to shreds and he was heavily wounded. He lifts his hand and a bolt of lightning is formed but before he throws it Agenda smiles and lifts her hand and a web formed from her fingers and shoots out at Fyzenguard. The web hits Fyzenguard pushing him back and then sticking him onto a wall. His head looks from left to right and he tries to get out but it’s useless.* :Agenda: “Ohh poor poor Fyzenguard, you are stuck now arn’t you. That just makes it better” * She says with a chuckle* :Agenda:” You know I would love you as much as I did your father once a long time ago.” * Fyzenguard’s head lifts up as he says* :Fyzenguard: ” You whore, get away from me. Leave me and my family alone” * Agenda walks up to Fyzenguard and huffs at him getting face close to him. She looks to him with a sexual mood as she leans forwards kissing him. She connects her chest with his and rubs them together. As Fyzengauad is stuck he can’t do anything at all as he is so weak. After a moment of kissing, she stuck her tongue through his lips rubbing her tongue against his. She smiled seeming to be delighted and ready for something more. She moved an inch closer beginning to rub her breasts against him his strong and clothed chest.* ::Fyzenguard:: By Odin’s beard what is going on. I don’t know this women and why is she so seductive. She’s kissing me:: * Right as he thinks that  Agenda began dancing her tongue in his mouth. As Fyzenguard tries again to break free but then she pulls her pussy close to his cock and began to rub both together and as that happened Fyzenguard sent a pulsing boost of psionic energy right into her head. She pulls back as her eyes widen and she screams grasping her head dreadfully. Her screams terrified him. As she screamed his face tenses and tries to get out of the web. As much as mannered Fyzenguard was taught to women he had to get her off of him.* :Fyzenguard: ” See bitch I don’t love you. You shouldn’t love me now leave before I do more” * Her head lifts and she almost hisses at him* :Agenda: ” You cummy little bastard, I…You…” * Tears began to run down her face as she looks back at him with a saddened face. As she takes a step back she fades and disappears. Her leaving wore off her magic on the webs and Fyzenguard fell to the ground and lay unconscious* 

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