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The Great War against Thanos

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Thanos has landed at Red Sun, on a mission to find all six infinity stones. As strange warriors rise up with powers associated with these stones he will do anything in his power to stop them. As he gets a new stone he gets immensely more powerful. Fight in this ONE TIME event be Red Suns greatest hero. We all must stand as one with full power as he will do the same. Are you ready? (any questions about the event feel free to message me. I will explain anything that is not clear.) (when thanos is killed he will drop his INFINITY GAUNTLET and his DOUBLE EDGED SWORD! Also he will leave his ship the HARBINGER for anyone to take!


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    1. Zoey 2 years ago

      I didn’t know Rolepages sided with Marvel..

      • Author
        ? 2 years ago

        They didn’t this is player made, just to have fun! Thanks for your comment!

    2. Joseph Reagan Adams 2 years ago

      “Where anyone is possible”

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