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The Grim Truth

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*Kya sighs and looks deeply into her mug thinking to herself only to curse aloud before uttering* “The more I tie myself to helping others to trying to be like her I find that all I am good for is the opposite. Were she heals and helps, I must take life and be hardened to most any plea…. My job, I hide behind that like a shield against that which I must do… …” *she stops and frowns into the mostly drained mug again* “what the hell is this stuff? It’s strong even for me…” *then she shakes her head, Kya had only had four mugs already* “Iris…” *she mutters* “I fail… Greyling… …” *takes another drink from the mug* “we try but our natures make us thus…” *Kya knocks back the rest of the drink and blinks blurry eyes* “I am only what I am and must a bid by such but gods there are days and nights I wish for another nature another life…” *with that Kya gets up and disappears after leaving a few coins on the table for her drinks in this strange new place with different faces than those at the tavern where she is tied by emotions.*

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  1. Tessa Mavagin 9 years ago

    Raiden’s soft touch was intoxicating. Tessa watched those strong hands caress her with hooded sensual eyes before he started to use his mouth on her trembling flesh. All she had known before this was force, so pleasure and surrender were new and she trembled beneath him almost as if she was afraid to feel good, her body scarce able to believe this was really happening. She gently tangled her fingers in his sable hair and arched her back as he moved down her body. When his mouth touched her sensitive and throbbing gem she couldn’t help but cry out and press him to her even though it did nothing to change the tantalizing, painful slowness he was taking her with. Tessa moaned him name over and over again, not minding that she was begging. She’d beg for him and for this all night. When he slid his fingers into her she contracted around them with a purr, thrusting gently against them. The ring brushed the finial and Tessa was undone, she came hard around him, her wetness and desire slicking her thighs and her lover as he pleased her. She screamed in passion, his name.

    When she was once again able to breath, she looked at him in wonder. “Raiden…” She took a shaky breath and ran her hands down him to cup him and stroke his cock with gentle but firm fingers. “I want…. I want to taste you. I want you to show me how to please you.”

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