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The Haunter’s Song

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Little children 

Come follow me

Come and play by my little tree

Follow my song and follow the sparrows

Into my garden of sorrows.


Little children

We’ll play some games

But once you play you’ll forget your name

Let’s roam free and forget about life

Just stay with me and mind the knife.


Now little children

Come gather around

I’ll tell a story

While the moon is still out

Soon I’ll restore my own glory

So listen closely and carefully


Now little children

It’s time to sleep 

Close those eyes 

And lay in the dust

The light inside you is pure and bright

And soon that light of yours will be mine

Sweet dreams

Beware my whistle

Beware my song

Beware and fear me

’cause I found you.

Follow my song 

Follow my voice

Into my garden of sorrows.


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