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~The Haven Of The Lost Ones: The Desire Within~

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                                   ~The Urges She Felt Inside.~

                                 Devain ran her fingers along the cold glass, Of her bedroom window. Her Ivory eyes trained, Intently, On the lively forest. The leaves swaying gently, Several spots of the trees a deep golden. Her heart beat in her chest in longing, Quick beats. Like when you want something, So bad, The urge unbearable to the point where you almost feel..Angry? She inhaled sharply, Her father refused to let her go through the barrier of trees. Said she could get lost, Ticks, Sickness.  She never thought it was stupid, When he said that, It made since. It was just..So badly..To just leap through the night. Her golden hair flowing behind her, Her legs gracefully taking her through the thicket of trees. She couldn’t take it. The trees seemed to call for her,Pleading. What lay beyond the line of wood begging to be found. So..There she went. To find what lay beyond.

                              ~That Night She Couldn’t Resist.~       

                            Devain lay in bed, Her arms crossed across her chest. She closed her eyes,Whispering to the darkness to her room and herself,”No Devain. You can’t. Especially at Night, You know what Dad said. You could get lost. You know it’s tree..–..Oh great,Your even saying Tree instead of True. Just forget about the stupid forest. It’s just  hunks of leaf and wood.” She curled up on her side, And the sight of the woods came into view. The desire came flooding in quickly. She cursed, Throwing the sheets off of her, Sweeping her long, Elegant legs over the bed. Her feet made soft thumps as they hit the wood. Her pale blue silk night-gown fell to her ankles. Her hair tumbled down to her waist. “I just need to see what lays beyond..” She took a deep breath. She slipped on a Black Velvet Night Porter Coat (Look up this if you were curious, It should be the first one,NOT a Blazer. It’s Vintage). She hugged the light jacket to her, Out of nervousness, It wasn’t necessarily cold.  She stepped through her open door, It didn’t take long to reach the back door,She swung it open. Letting it fall closed behind her,With a gentle,Click! Her eyes flicked downwards to her Bare feet,”Whoops..” She gave a soft mumble, But stepped through the soft, Twinkling, Dew covered grass nonetheless. She looked up at the tall trees. The leaves catching small amounts of silver moonlight. It was a sight,Truly. She went to walk beyond the lines of trees. That was when she heard wood against stone. As the cottage door was slammed open, Hitting harshly against the stone outline of the cottage. “Devain! Stop,You know not to sneak out at this time of Moon-Shine,Get your self in here,Young Lady!” Her fathers gruff voice sought out to the dark, She skid to a stop, Whipping her body around to face him.

               ~Denial,Father. Never Before Have I. But Now,I Must.~

             The words came across her tongue before they came across her mind. “No Father,I can’t. I’ve desired to long. Denial,Father. Never have I before. But Now,I must. The urge is unbearable. The secrets within this forest call to me. I’m going,Father. You won’t stop me.” She turned, Her body lighter. She was going to do it. She made her own decision. It felt..Good. She felt pride. She shook her head, Blinking. Get on with it. Father will be after you. Get on with it. She pumped her legs forward,Vanishing into the “Arms,” Of the tall Willows, And Oaks, Spruces and Pines. She was here. She made it, She did it, The urges will end. Finally..They will end.

~The Haven Of The Lost Ones: What Lay Beyond,~ Will come out soon! Thank you for reading.

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