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The Heat

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~The Following Story contains explicit sex, violence, and language. Readers Discretion is advised~

Gods this was hot.  Both figuratively and literally.  The heat around her didn’t hurt Estelle, but she could feel it.  She WAS in Muspelheim after all, the realm of fire, and one of the nine worlds of Norse Myth.  She hadn’t used any rainbow bridge, or traveled the roots of Yggdrasil to get there though.  She’d been invited via portal and had gladly accepted the invitation.  Being a Goddess of Rage, and a Harmonixer, the realm of fire was just another vacation spot for her.  She could walk, dance, and run through the flames as if they were a warm summer breeze.  The place didn’t look much like you’d expect a summer getaway would look, in fact, it looked much like you’d imagine the biblical version of hell would look.  It was all dark, rough and rocky landscape with countless pits of fires, volcanoes, and a sky that seemed to burn eternally with no sun, moon, or stars in sight.  Just all fire and brimstone baby.

Despite her being able to take the heat, so to speak, Estelle’s body was currently covered in a sheen of sweat.  Rivulets of it ran down the smooth bare flesh of her naked body, slipping into the valley between round, plump breasts, tracing itself along the creases of her tight, muscled tummy before slipping into her navel and out again, dripping down between her gyrating thighs.  Long auburn hair clung to her shoulders and the length of her back ending just before the round swell of her lovely ass, which was bouncing up and down in quite the rough fashion.  Fingers, which were at first spread apart, suddenly tensed and curled, causing her nails to drag across the dark red flesh covered chest of the monster that lay beneath her.  No, it wasn’t Muspelheim’s heat that put her body in such a state, but the actions of it’s lord and ruler, Surtr who’s black fur covered hips thrust up thunderously beneath her, meeting every downward pound of her lovely ass in order to drive that mountainous cock of his deep inside of her over and over again as she bounded straddled atop him.

No other beings were currently occupying this particular part of the realm as it was Surtr’s sleeping realm, existing outside of the normal space of Muspelheim.  Every now and then Surtr went into a deep sleep, as many of his kind did, as well as many gods.  It wasn’t long before the big lug went into his next state of slumber so Estelle had come by to send him that state with some very lovely dreams.  Estelle had a very, VERY healthy sexual appetite, and Mr. Giant Fire Lord here was one of her favorite lovers, one of the few that could “handle” her.  She heard a rather deep seeded growl rumble from deep within Surtr’s throat and chest.  She could feel the muscles of his large, demonic looking body begin to tighten.  She purred as she felt his hips begin to rock up into her harder, faster, knowing the Fire Lord was near release.  Estelle was different with males, than she was with females.  With female lovers she could be rough, but also slow and sensual.  With the males though, she didn’t play that slow love shit.  She was always strong, rough, and in charge.  Case in point, her hands lifted up from Surtr’s chest, sliding along his throat, slitted yellow eyes staring up at her from beneath a prodding brow ridge.  His face was all sharp angles and ridged barbs covered in leathery red flesh, much like many depictions of “The Devil”, complete with a crown of four black horns that prodded from his skull just above his pointed ears, two jutting straight up, while the other two curved out from the sides of his head.

Grinning, Estelle grasped the two that jutted out sideways and yanked him up violently, even the Lord of Realm of Fire, enemy of the Norse Gods couldn’t deny her anything.  She felt the large, round swells of her breasts press against his hard chest, feeling the  tumultuous beat of his nine hearts reverberating within, and the fire they stoked throughout his body.  It felt like endless rage, and it sang out to her in a way that always sent her into a dazed heat.  Her soft lips crashed against his rough mouth, and she began to drive her hips up and down with a pure, reckless abandon.  She felt his large, clawed hands smack against the round cheeks of her ass, gripping them tightly as he thrust that long, thick beast of a cock as deep inside of her as he could.  She could feel the fleshly barbs at it’s tip raking at her inner walls with each thrust, causing the raw nerves inside of her to be stimulated to such an intense degree that she squeezed those walls around him as if she had a third hand situated in her loins.  She felt him break that kiss and bury his head against the side of her neck, her hands gripping even tighter at his horns as his thrusts became rushed and urgent.  Oh fuck, he was going to cum so hard for her!  Estelle could barely breath, feeling a thunderstorm beginning to take her, rumbling in the pit of her stomach, threatening to wage war on her entire body at any moment.

Then there was a moment of complete and utter silence, and stillness.  Surtr had shoved every inch of himself as deep inside of Estelle as he could, his hands gripping so tightly at her ass, she thought he might yank it off.  Neither of them moved for that split second, frozen in time, only the throbbing swell of his cock felt within her, clutched by her inner walls as if they’d never let him go.  Just as quickly as that moment came, it was gone.  A deafening roar filled her ears as Surtr’s body suddenly jerked back into motion, his hips pumping and grinding up against her ass and between her thighs.  She felt him completely unleash himself inside of her as wave upon wave of his hot, molten seed explode into her core and beyond.  Estelle heard herself scream out over and over again as that storm finally rocked her entire being to it’s very core.  Each time she felt those thick waves of cum hit her inner walls, her body jerked in response, unable to control herself.  He seemed to cum inside of her forever, but Estelle took it all, every single drop absorbing into her as he completely emptied himself into her.

After long, seemingly endless moments, Surtr had finally spent himself and his upper body dropped back to crash against the ground in thunderous fashion.  He was a giant after all, and Estelle had augmented her own size to meet his for this primal dance of theirs.  Estelle collapsed atop his chest, her body still racked with intense spasms and shudders as her orgasm took far longer to come down from than his.  As she stared down at his face, she knew from the sleepy glaze that had taken his eyes it was almost time for his sleep.  One could make jokes about a man going to sleep right after sex, but she was okay with it this time, as it had been on purpose.  His sexual heat always blazed the hottest before he went into that hibernation of his, and it had definitely been worth it.  She’d feel this for ages.  She’d been about to speak when she felt a shimmer of raw energy being ripped apart, and not far from their position, a portal opened.  Not many could force their way into Muspelheim, let alone Surtr’s personal space within it.  As she rose from atop the Fire Lord, feeling his still half erect cock slip out of her she saw a large form step out of the portal.  They weren’t nearly as big as Surtr and Estelle at the moment, but they were imposing non the less.

The being was a large male, not quite a giant, but large in his own right.  He had a head full of long, crimson hair, and a beard that reached past his large, bare chest to reach his abdomen.  He wore only a long split loin cloth made of some ancient beast’s skin, and matching boots that reached his calves.  In his right hand was clutched a large golden war hammer which seemed to weigh as much as a planet, but handled by the man as if it were a wooden toy. She felt Surtr stir behind her, barely able to sit up as the sleep began to take him, but his voice rumbled out in apparent annoyance.

“Thor.  It figures he’d pick my weakest moment to attack.  He’s probably been waiting for this chance for quite some time.  Too bad for him.”

Surtr’s last words could not be any more true.  The moment she recognized Thor, Estelle began to seethe.  Gods she fuckin’ hated Thor!  All Thors for that matter.  Being a daughter of Eden, Estelle could travel to many worlds and realities on a whim, and she’d met many Thors.  Even while in her new hang out spot in the nexus realm of Hellifyno, there were no less than three idiot Thors always hitting on her.  If it wasn’t for her having to follow the rules of that place she’d have murdered them all by now!  It was fine now though, NOW she had a way to get rid of some of that annoying anger.  She was grinning ear to ear as she began to walk towards Thor.  The large male was seething with anger as he stared past Estelle and at Surtr.

“Surtr!  I know you were the one who plotted the death of my father Odin!  The essence of the one who killed him has mingled with the magic he used to forge Mjolnir , and it has lead me here!  I will avenge him demon!”

Surtr said nothing, but Thor’s words brought a bout of laughter from Estelle as she shook her head.

“Ahhh, you Thors never cease to amaze me at how fuckin’ stupid you are.  All power and brawn with no goddamn brains.  Surtr didn’t kill your father, and the reason your hammer brought you here is because I’m here.  It senses my blood, which is the same blood that runs through my father, Gerik Vellos, Eden’s God of Chaos.  MY daddy is the one who killed YOUR daddy.  For fun!”

Thor stared at her in disbelief before a feral growl left his throat.

“Nonsense you stupid whore.  There’s no way in the nine hells that….”

But his eyes went wide as Estelle let herself shrink to her usual size, now dwarfed by the much larger Thor, stepping close enough that he could no doubt feel the connection between the essence he’d been following and Estelle’s own essence.  He knew she spoke the truth now.  Without another word Thor yelled out a bellow of rage, his hammer rising into the burning sky of Muspelheim his magic calling down a large thunder bolt to engulf the hammer with it’s energy and power.  Thor struck out at Estelle with his hammer, and for a split second Estelle’s eyes went wide with what seemed to be fear.  Thor grinned, but that grin faltered when it was met by a grin from Estelle, who caught the hammer’s blow with her right palm, stopping it cold in it’s tracks, the only indication of the force it had held behind it’s swing being a jiggle of her large, bare breasts.  The power that once engulfed the hammer was snuffed out, and with a simple tensing of her fingers, Estelle crushed the hammer into star dust.  Thor was completely taken aback by not only Estelle’s raw power, but the fact that she’d been able to stop the enchanted hammer’s blow without consequence.  Estelle couldn’t help but giggle in a dark, evil delight  at his reaction.

“Don’t look so surprised you bearded piece of shit.  First off, God of Thunder or not, I, a dirty whore of a woman, am far stronger than you.  Second, as you said, my father’s essence has mingled with that of Odin’s.  That’s because when my father killed your father, he absorbed him completely, mind, body, soul, and power.  That means the power that enchants your hammer is no longer your fathers, but MY fathers.  Thus it will not work on me.  Now, where were we?  Oh yes, I was going to take out my frustration on you because there are other you’s out there who annoy the living fuck out of me!”

Estelle stepped forward, and though momentarily cowed by her words, Thor regained himself and threw a mountain shattering blow her way with his right fist.  Estelle didn’t dodge it, letting it blast her square on the edge of her chin with enough force to shatter the ruined landscape around them.  However, Estelle hadn’t even moved an inch, the kinetic energy from the impact seemingly absorbed by her completely.

“Bitch.  Please.”

Estelle returned the blow in kind, not only shattering the lower half of the Thunder God’s face completely, but sending him flying away from her fast enough to break the sound barrier.  As fast as his body flew, however, Thor was suddenly stopped by Estelle, who’d ran much faster, passing his flying form and stopping behind him.  Her right hand splattered through the muscle and flesh of his back to grip him from the inside by the middle of his spine.  Thor didn’t even have time to scream in pain, if his shattered face would have allowed anyway, before Estelle was slamming his body into the ground.  She didn’t stop there, lifting him up by the spine and beginning to slam his body down into the ground over and over again in brutal, almost comical fashion.

“You feel that you piece of shit!  That’s for every goddamn alternate Thor that hits on me!  Sending me stupid mental messages to come “play” with them like I’m some Asgardian, or Midgardian slut!  Yeah, I love sex, and fighting, but pathetic, cockless boys like you don’t even stand a chance!  I hate all of your guts, you stupid sons of bitches, you idiotic animalistic, spineless assholes!  You….!”

Estelle paused in her rant when she realized that Thor was not only dead, but a pile of mush on the ground, and she’d been slamming a large section of his spine into the mess that had been his body for some time, though now it, too, was turning to dust in her hand.  Well damn, that hadn’t been enough at all!  Estelle grumbled as she stood, her naked body covered in the dead God’s blood.  Well that hadn’t been all bad, she loved the way she looked naked and covered in blood.  She wouldn’t even bother absorbing Thor, she didn’t need his dirty soul, or power.  Fucking weakling.  She sighed and turned back towards Surtr, but the Fire Lord was no longer there, or at least not in his previous form.  Where he once sat, was now a large ominous looking mountain, the form he took when he slept.  She could imagine a smile somewhere in those dark cliffs at his last sight being her sexy ass completely eradicating his annoying enemy.  Well THAT thought made her feel better!  Estelle giggled to herself and waved at the mountain before turning away, a portal opening up in front of her, revealing a wide lush, green forest valley somewhere in the Dragon’s Vein near Eden.  She needed a long soak in the Dragon’s Vein springs, and a nap.  A great fuck, a bit of a battle, and letting of at least a little steam?  All in all it’d been a good day! <3


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  1. Tessa Mavagin 4 years ago

    Tears burned in her eyes as he shoved her off him. She was about to beg, plead and cry for him to fuck her, something she had never in all her life done, but then again there was never anything she had wanted as much as him.

    He repeated that he couldn’t. Not wouldn’t or didn’t want to, but couldn’t. Tessa didn’t understand, he was harder than steel, so hard it looked almost painful, so what the hells was he talking about?And then he said why he couldn’t and she snarled in anger.

    “No. Absolutely not. He has nothing to do with this.” She growled defensively, sitting up and sliding up behind him, arms slipping around his middle while her firm breasts pressed against his back. “He has nothing to do with us. I am not his, I am yours and that’s because I choose to be, want to be.”

    Tessa pulled one hand away and dipped it between her legs to caress her own dripping wet sex that was absolutely aching to be filled by Laurent, then softly pressed her fingers to his lips so he could once more taste her. Her lips found his ear and she sucked gently on her earlobe before giving it a sharp nip and whispering, “I promise you that I feel even better than I taste. Fuck me, Laurent, please. I want to make love to you. Gideon can go and fuck himself.”

    She felt the way his body tensed and then relaxed, felt him start to turn towards her and smiled in hopeful anticipation, but then a furious cry that belonged to neither of them shattered through the room and Tessa was ripped away from Laurent and brutally slammed face down against the table in the center of the room, a vice like grip on the back of her head, keeping her cheek pressed against the rough wood.

  2. Ehh I hate to say this but most of the facts on her are false through Norse mythology. The hammer of thor or Aka originally it was an ax was created from the dwarfs. Second of all Thor is not a dumbass being alive for a long considerable time. Thor wouldn’t have a simple time for a whore who has sex with a doom slaying Devil. It would be better to read up on the mythology before you create some sort of story about it. I mean come onn… its hilarious the fact that this makes Thor look like a dumbass as he has experience from all the prime material and Realms of Norse Mythology. I get that their is multiverses with queer Thors such as the Marvel Avengers Thor. Give in a deeper look on the Original Thor and where he gets his strength and powers from.

    • Author
      Estelle Vellos 9 months ago

      Just a story dude, plenty of shitty versions of Thor out there, this one served it’s purpose here just fine.

  3. Thor is older than that bitch in the story. I mean come on whoever had a good mind over Norse mythology would spit down onto this story. If she would have thought a little more on this story it would be thousands of times better.

  4. Impulse the ax of Thor was created by the fucking dwarfs in Svartalfheim not fucking Odin. If you would have been smart you would have known so.

  5. Its only a story no need to get salty over it Fyzenguard

  6. Yeliana Hageshi 3 months ago

    How has this story gotten only 2 views

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