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The Human Doll (Chapter 2)

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Yuki sat quietly on her gentle bed as she pondered over the doll she had seen, paging through books and looking all over the internet. The doll lead up to one thing all the time.

“Dr. Watanabe…” She whispered over and over. There were no pictures of him, only vandalized. Dr. Watanabe was from Tokyo, Japan, who moved to England and got into the habit of creating dolls for little girls. He’d gotten a wild idea that would make him rich. He wanted to make his dolls come to life.

Dr. Watanabe succeeded in this, creating 5 female dolls.

The bad thing was, was that Dr. Watanabe’s dolls turned on him, they ran away with a few males and started causing havoc. Dr. Watanabe was soon wanted by the police. He kept all his doors locked and started on a new creation. People say it was another doll. Dr. Watanabe was soon caught by the police, and he’d told everyone the same thing: “Let this be a warning, a Miracle will happen to your great grandchildren, and maybe even great, great grandchildren!”

No one believed him, they locked him up till his very death.

Yuki stopped thinking, looking straight out her window to the mansion up street. She jumped off her bed and walked to the half opened window, opening it up fully and breathing in the clean air.

“…I’ll help you, Ichiro” She smiled softly before closing her eyes and picturing the doll for a little while.


“And then they said Dr. Watanabe didn’t want to put hearts into his creations!” Yuki was bragging on and on about her findings to Haruka. Haruka however had his attention to the mansion ahead.

It was a late Saturday night, about nine and the two had decided to go back to the doll to get a better conversation in. Yuki was confident that Ichiro was different then the other five dolls, since he never left.

Haruka stopped in his tracks before the gate of the large old house, looking to Yuki. “I can’t do this…I don’t like that doll!”

Yuki looked to him and frowned. “Fine then! I’ll go alone!” She ran into the front yard, with no hesitation she ran straight into the manor, leaving Haruka stunned.

She looked at the walls, the paintings were all vandalized or stolen. A sad look spread over her face. Just how long was the doll alone for?

“Ichiro?” She called out, loud and clear. Boldly, walking into each room and clearing away the cobwebs, trying to find the boy she’d been worrying about.

Her eyes caught something moving from out the corner. A smile spread to her lips as she saw Ichiro. She felt a sudden urge to hug him, his sad but yet emotionless face saddened her.

“Why were you hiding?” Yuki asked as she came closer, noticing that Ichiro was not backing away.

“I thought you were someone else” The doll answered, keeping his arms behind his back.

“You silly!” She giggled and came quite close to him, inspecting his face closely. His eyes looked real, his skin looked soft, he looked human.

“Silly?” Ichiro raised his eyebrow, looking to the girl he’d met yesterday. Looking at her smile, wanted to make him smile.

“It’s just a term, that’s all” Yuki went behind him and took his hand, making him jump slightly. “It’s ok! I want to show you something, I’m sure you haven’t been there” She smiled and lead him out the room that was bound to fall down any second. Ichiro felt her hand, it was soft and warm. He smiled softly, looking to her, knowing that this must certainly be the start for him.

Yuki walked with the doll to the backyard, making the doll’s eyes widen. “Is it not beautiful?” She stated, letting go of his hand and twirling in a circle.

The moon was out, shining down upon the dead land, making it come to life, making the water dance and the wind sing.

Ichiro looked around. He saw trees, grass, bugs, water.

Yuki looked to him and smiled softly. “Ichiro…I think I know what happened to your…creator.”

The doll’s eyes widened further, looking to her. He knew nothing about his creator, not his name, how he looked like…

She smiled and placed her hand on Ichiro’s shoulder. “His name was Dr. Watanabe…he created five dolls before you, but I suppose when he just finished you, he was taken away because everyone thought he was a complete loony.”

Ichiro blinked. It took him awhile to register on what was going on, but he seemed more surprised at one of the facts. “five dolls before me?” He looked away, he never knew that there were others like him.

Yuki nodded and let go of his shoulder. “I tried to see where they had gone, and I think they are still alive!” She smiled brightly and danced in a circle around the doll.

Ichiro looked down while tightening his fists. “Yuki…Why are you helping me?”

She stopped on her tippy toes and looked to him and smiled, placing her hand under his chin and making him look straight into her eyes. “…Because I know you deserve to know and see everything…your different”

His eyes softened, his smile slowly coming back. The doll’s aquatic blue eyes sparkled from the moonlight, his smile was angelic, his look down to her was peaceful and calm.

Yuki’s eyes widened to his appearance, it had been the most amazing thing she had ever seen. She took her hand away and smiled softly with a nod. She could not say anything, he’d stolen all words from her. “Let’s meet here tomorrow morning…I’m going to show you to everyone!”

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  1. Surreal Sadis 9 years ago

    “Come here.” She said softly, pulling him down to lay beside her and then curling around him protectively. It was a dark story. Part of her was afraid to tell it, but he needed to know it. She had never believed in asking someone to accept what they didn’t know or understand. “Would that this world was such a place that I could simply shield you and that bright, hero’s heart from the darkness of my past… But the world doesn’t work that way.”

    She stroked his hair, his skin…. Petting and cuddling him. He comforted her, having him their to touch and love. “I am a rarity. A female Drakyn. We cycle only every few thousand years and then we come in threes. I have not heard of the other two, so I don’t know if that means I am the first or the others have just been hidden like me. My father, in his despair at having such a creature for a child, got drunk one evening and lamented his calamity to a tavern full of men. One was a Drakyn named Timur. A fire drakyn of immense cruelty and power who hoarded rare things and beauty. His curiosity was instantly piqued. He broke a deal with my father to take me off his hands. My father didn’t ask why or what would become of me… he just wanted me gone and the wealth Timur offered. He brought me here, though the palace was a very different place. Darker. He craved dark magics and dark pleasures.”

    She fell silent and held to Lavi. Her eyes closed, inhaling his sweet citrus scent and feeling his heartbeat against her hand. Such darkness…. “I won’t go into details, but he intended to make me his mate. Curious if we could produce more drakyn’s and he saw no need to wait for me to grow up before he initiated me into the sexual realm. The next one hundred years were spent immersed in darkness in pain. Both suffering it and learning how to give it. Timur drank my hate like wine… He craved it, wanted it. All he wanted was to break me, but… I would not be broken. I hated him. So much. But he was all I knew. I grew close with the staff here, protecting them as best I could. We were plotting his death and were nearly ready to put our plan in motion when he left, saying there was an old score to be settled with someone named Myka. He never returned so I assume Myka, may the sweet and cruel gods bless and keep him, saved us the trouble and killed him.”

    “After he didn’t return, I focused on healing the people who lived here, the Palace and the magical world this place is supposed to protect. I tried to make peace with the surrounding Baronets, but that ended poorly. So I do things the way I do for a reason, even if it’s not the best one.”

    She sat up and looked at Lavi, stroking his cheek gently. “Before you, I had never known love. My parents did not love me, Timur…” She shuddered. “No one loved me and I cared for some, but didn’t love. I maybe dark, my bright boy, but you rescued my heart, and I am grateful for that. To have you now, like this… I would suffer the darkness of my past again, to be assured this outcome.”

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