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The Icy Chill Of Fae Ascension

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The rush of fear, spilling down your spine as you race into the darkness of night and tangled woods, pursued by strange beasts.

ClOmp ClOmP cLOmP

How can anything so large, so boxy, so bulky and awkward move so fast? But that’s not what you’re thinking. There are no thoughts. Only that cool cold rush, that touching twang of slicing fear that steers you straight into the darkness, head long into the night.

ClOmP cLoMp cLOmP

They’re getting closer. You can feel the rattling quake of the ground beneath your feet as their massed weight crashes against the earth over and over again, each thudding stomp bringing the beasts closer, and closer to you.


Something hard and fleshy crashes into your back, and you almost fall forward from the impact. But somehow, you manage to keep your feet beneath you.

SpLat, SpLAt SpLAaT

Wet, squishy, thudding impacts, exploding in gooey bursts against the back of your head now. Do you risk a look back? Is it worth that one last moment of your life to actually see the madness of your murderer?

Just a glance… but it’s already to late. The beasts great front flap of steely weight smashes into your side and you go sprawling.

Before you can get your feet under you, the creature is atop you. A giant cube, a solid block, hollow in the middle, with a great front flap thwapping and swinging back and forth with menacing fury.

You feel the icy cold of its breath, an arctic chill washing over you. And for some reason, you can’t drag your eyes away from its own, single, glowing golden eye, a tiny menacing orb staring down at you.

Then pain, impact, and darkness.


The great horde of refrigerator monsters washed over the Western shores of the Northern continent, wiping out village after village with their savage violence and single minded menace. There is no telling where they came from, no way to tell whether they were formed from life, or constructed purely of magic.

But one thing is clear, the power of the fAe is rising. 


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  1. Maggie Zagurian 9 years ago

    Awww.  Thanks Dommy and Rommy! <3

  2. Laryka Dior 8 years ago

    *Woke from a nightmare ….coated in sweat….she couldn’t remember the dream exactly but the residual feelings it left behind were still present*

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