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The Justice League of America

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Kal-El/Clark Kent = Superman

Bruce Wayne = Batman

Helena Wayne = Huntress

Princess Diana/Diana Prince = Wonder Woman

Barry Allen = The Flash

Hal Jordan = Green Lantern

Orin/Arthur Curry = Aquaman

J’onn J’onzz/John Jones = Martian Manhunter

Oliver Queen = Green Arrow

Ray Palmer = Atom

Katar Hol/Carter Hall = Hawk man

Phantom Stranger

Ralph Dibny = Elongated Man

Ulthoon/John Smith = Red Tornado

Shayera Hol/Sheira Hall = Hawk girl

Zatanna Zatara = Zatanna

Ronnie Raymond and Martin Stein = Firestorm

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  1. Mizuki Iteya 4 years ago

    You’re such a beautiful, talented writer. Everything involving the pain of Birdie losing Hadley makes my heart hurt so much. I can’t even begin to imagine how I’d feel if I were a mother and lost my young one. Allianna wouldn’t be too happy if she lost her Richard, I know that much. 

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