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The Kingdom of Umbria

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I have decided that, unfortunately, I and my Umbrians have become a new race, separate from Hyandrians. Having realized this I have decided to take back Umbria, clear out any harmful creatures and repopulate my race. We have only a colony at the moment but we are hard workers and soon we shall grow and become more. I will, at that point, take my place as king of Umbria and rule my people justly. 

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  1. Raiden Seiji 9 years ago

    Raiden grinned.  The boy was an extremely young Elohim.  He didn’t know the man’s relationship to Tessa but it was clearly something familiar.  “You don’t know her at all if you think she’ll respond to the sort of command a grandmother would give,” he said, laughing softly.  “I appreciate your surprise all things considered but let’s start over and attempt a more civil introduction or these conversations will be concluded immediately.”

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