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The Krawl (As A Species) + The High Krawl

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Krawl (Species):

The Krawl are parasitic, amoebic-like creatures that are capable of completely devouring stars and/or planetary systems. As creatures which are both born in and gain their powers from darkness, they detest the light and will generally stay away from places with a strong source of it. They often travel in black clouds (which are sometimes tinted with another color) called ‘vortexes’, attacking just about anything and/or anyone who challenges them. These creatures are usually never seen alone, as they favor attacking in groups or large numbers, overwhelming those unfortunate enough to be in their path with sheer numbers. However, there are exceptions to this.

It is possible to grow Krawl through the use of an ominous, black fluid but should be used/experimented with caution. The fluid itself is rather potent and unpredictable, as it can easily distort the mind and body of a Human, turning them into a Human-Krawl hybrid of sorts. It is not currently known if the effects/influence of the fluid can be reversed (should such a thing occur) but does not appear to be possible.

Leader-type (Krawl):

Leader-types are bigger, more powerful Krawl that act as leaders of sorts to the lesser Krawl. These Krawl are usually seen alone and are often accompanied by ‘helpers’ (Krawl which assist them) in battle. Unlike High Krawl, however, they are unable to take on Human-like forms and appear to lack the level of intelligence which they possess- Though, that is not to say that they are lacking in intelligence altogether.

High Krawl:

High Krawl, as the name suggests, are highly intelligent Krawl which are capable of taking on a more Human-like appearance. They are second only to Krux- the current leader and master of the Krawl – and act as generals of the Krawl army. Currently, there are only four known High Krawl to be in existence (three of which are dead) and are significantly more powerful than most other Krawl. What sets them apart from other Krawl (aside from their ability to take on and retain human-like forms), however, is that they appear to be able to tolerate weak amounts of light, despite the shared weakness of the species. Incidentally, there has been some speculation and debate about whether these Krawl were once Human or not.

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