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The Last Battle of Vincent Sindrullen

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Originally posted October 27, 2009 at 10:00am

Vincent Sindrullen: **The room turns dark and cold. Everyone feels a familiar prescence.**

Asmodelius: When it does I would like to show you Silver Lake.. at the foothills of the Mountains of Woe.

No One: `his hands freeze and he tenses, nostrils flaring as he looks around`

Raelin Wolvarian Aero: ::blinks and shivers a bit, looking around the room::

Elexin: ** Looks around**

Echo: ::smiles delightedly:: I will hold you to that— ::then the room darkens::

Vincent Sindrullen: **To the entrance, two red eyes glow from a dark figure. The figure slowly glides into the room, it’s body is shaking and twitching rapidly*

No One: `stands up instantly, snarling`

Asmodelius: ** Stands staring**

Raelin Wolvarian Aero: ::swears a little as she stands up, watching the figure::

Ann Lettner: ::snarls::]

No One: `moves so he’s between Raelin and the figure`

Asmodelius: ** Gently puts himself in front of Echo**

Raelin Wolvarian Aero: ::peeks out from behind him so she can see who it is::

Ann Lettner: Who is it?’

Vincent Sindrullen: **The lights slowly come back on and Vincent stands in the middle of the room, his eyes are blood red with bags underneath. He stood shaking in pain. His fangs are unusually large**

No One: `his body begins to quiver with fury as he recognizes the creature to be Vincent`

No One: `snarls out` You… filth!

Ann Lettner: whoa

Ann Lettner: didn’t mean to do that

Raelin Wolvarian Aero: ::pales, remembering the last time vince was here::

No One: `his body twitches and spasms and he glances back at Raelin, almost as if asking for permission`

Raelin Wolvarian Aero: ::bites her lip, shaking her head and not knowing what vince is going to do::

Vincent Sindrullen: **Vincent’s eyes glance over to Aiden’s.** I… Can’t.. Control it.

No One: `growls`

Echo: ::calms herself – easier to do with Asmodelius standing between her and Vincent::

Ann Lettner: Vince back off

Ann Lettner: ::snarling::

Echo: ::softly:: Elexin? Can you help him?

Elexin: ** Stands…** Vincent… What is wrong?

No One: `signs something in the air furiously`

No One: `takes a step towards Vincent`

Vincent Sindrullen: **Tears of blood come from his eyes** Elexin, it’s controlling me… I cant control the thirst…

Ann Lettner: another one of my kind ::whispering::

No One: `quivers with barely controlled Rage`

Elexin: You must fight it… You are the only one that can Vincent.

Vincent Sindrullen: I… You… Don’t understand…

Vincent Sindrullen: I deserve to die.

Raelin Wolvarian Aero: ::stops herself from feeling sorry for him::

Echo: ::shivers again … realizing she is the only one in the room who is even part human::

No One: `his muscles start jumping under the skin and it looks like he might have gotten an inch or two taller`

Elexin: ** Steps slowly from the table.**

Vincent Sindrullen: *He stares, sad, worried, and scared. Shaking rapidly**

Vincent Sindrullen: I killed them…

Vincent Sindrullen: All of them.

Elexin: Who Vincent?

Ann Lettner: Who, who did you kill

Raelin Wolvarian Aero: ::pales:: vincent you need to leave…

Echo: ::it is an effort not to creep backward … but she stays still, knowing she is safer where she is than anywhere else::

Vincent Sindrullen: *Crying and studdering** Lor… My… Lorstle… My family… All of them… They’re de… Dead..

Raelin Wolvarian Aero: ::shifts a bit, her heart pounding audibly::

No One: `growls again, tightening his hands into fists, shaking with effort to keep himself under control`

Vincent Sindrullen: I killed them… All of my family, Elexin… I killed them… I killed my little sibblings.. Elayna… I killed her… I killed my parents…

No One: `spits on the floor`

No One: `signs: Disgusting filth. Nothing but trouble.`

Raelin Wolvarian Aero: ::bites her lip, having no idea what to do::

Asmodelius: What has control of you Vincent…. can you tell so we can help you.

Vincent Sindrullen: A… A… *Vincent tries to finish his sentence but before he can black markings cover his body. The demonic force overthrows his control.**

Asmodelius: Demon… Speak to me.

Vincent Sindrullen: **He falls to the floor on his hands and knees. His voice gets deep and ominous as the room darkens with a chill**

Raelin Wolvarian Aero: ::shivers as she remembers this form of him, fear coming off her in waves::

No One: `his transformation happens lightning fast, the Rage taking over and spurring him on, his whole body shooting up several feet, body mass tripling and covering with hair as he becomes the crinos, towering werewolf almost ten feet tall`

Ann Lettner: ::shivers as the chill comes to her::

Raelin Wolvarian Aero: ::swears:: all vampires need to leave right now if you dont want aiden to rip your head off!

No One: `gnashes his teeth, snarling and letting out a terrific howl that fills the room, echoing all about`

Elexin: ** Eyes darken **

Vincent Sindrullen: **Vincent’s body raises like a zombie’s and his head falls back with a smile** Blood

Vincent Sindrullen: Which one of you will give it to me?

Echo: ::shrinks behind Asmodelius::

No One: `leaps at Vincent with another snarl ripping its way from him, his speed almost as fast as a vampire would be, blurring through the air and crashing into the demon`

Raelin Wolvarian Aero: ::looks around frantically, trying to get all the vampires out fast::

Ann Lettner: ::see’s the blood::

Raelin Wolvarian Aero: ann and lexy, you have to leave the room or aiden will do his best to kill you. he can’t think straight right now!

Vincent Sindrullen: **Vincent leaps back towards Aiden with similar speed as their bodies clash in a bloody collision**

No One: `his claws rip and tear at Vincent’s torso, gashing him deeply, and his wicked teeth plunge down, seeking the throat`

Elexin: Can’t leave and ann can escape either.

Raelin Wolvarian Aero: why not?!

Ann Lettner: :: can’t think straight::

Vincent Sindrullen: **Vincent wraps his muscular arms around the wolf’s body, digging his claws into his back as his fangs rip a chunck from the wolf’s neck**

No One: `where Vincent slashes at him, his skin takes on the look of a marble statue, which spreads rapidly across his entire body until he looks like a giant werewolf carving.. the fangs are unable to penetrate, but a bit of him is chipped off of his back from the claws`

Ann Lettner: ::can’t think straight, doesn’t know what to do::

Raelin Wolvarian Aero: ::stands by the fucking force field, making sure nobody falls into the damn thing::

Ann Lettner: Must… fight.. need.. OF BLOOD

Zazel The Ravyn-King: ::he reaches to grab his scythe to help aiden and stops, realizing respect for the werewolf he lowers his guard and boosts the lightning field to 80%::

Ann Lettner: struggles out of chains to get to Vincent

No One: `roars and tears his neck away from Vincent’s mouth, snarling, dripping saliva, and rips out a chunk of Vince’s shoulder with his teeth`

Elexin: Zazel knock her out

Ann Lettner: no

Echo: ::turns:: Zazel, PLEASE get out of here … Ann is going to go mad and Aiden would be killed if he attacks her.

Zazel The Ravyn-King: ::He smiles and socks the child in the head with massive force enough to knock out with a dragon::

Ann Lettner: ::falls over::

Echo: That won’t stop Aiden!

Vincent Sindrullen: **Vincent jumps back from the wolf and catches his breath. After a few seconds he leaps back on top of the wolf pinning him against the wall with his left hand around his throat, he slashes at the wolf’s rib cage with his right hand**

Raelin Wolvarian Aero: get her out of here!

Echo: ::thinks that kind of a blow would crush her skull::

Zazel The Ravyn-King: Aiden comes through this field he dies….no one…has ever crossed this line…

Raelin Wolvarian Aero: i dont want him to die!

No One: `kicks out with one leg as Vincent leaps back at him, gouging at his stomach, trying to eviscerate him, allowing himself to be pinned and grabbing ahold of Vince’s arm as it slashes at his chest, twisting hard and breaking his forearm clean in half`

Raelin Wolvarian Aero: just move your damn self!

Asmodelius: Zazel I can fold your section of the tavern to another part of the cavern if you want me too.

Zazel The Ravyn-King: ::he looks up at the scythe:: then you want me to step in after he is done? because ill cripple him….

Raelin Wolvarian Aero: do it asmo, please!

No One: `his teeth gnash and snap in the air, inches from Vincent’s head`

Raelin Wolvarian Aero: get lexy out of here too!

Zazel The Ravyn-King: No need….Aiden should learn to control himself…and not be an animal

Raelin Wolvarian Aero: he’s in rage form!

Raelin Wolvarian Aero: idiot

Ann Lettner: ::slowly wakes up::

Vincent Sindrullen: **Vincent screams in pain** Ahhh!!!! I’ll… make sure you die. **Vincent throws aiden across the room into a wall.*



Raelin Wolvarian Aero: ::uses commander voice::

Zazel The Ravyn-King: And Does It look like i give a flying hell? ::he has a melotone face….

No One: `the wall actually cracks as he hits it with force, but so does a bit of Aiden’s body,
spiderweb fractures appearing across his back over the marble, but he recoils quickly`

Echo: ::softly:: Please, Asmodelius … get Zazel and Ann out of here. For Aiden’s sake.

No One: `flings himself at Vincent again with a howl, knocking the demon over and pinning him to the ground, going for the throat again`

Raelin Wolvarian Aero: ::growls:: asmo, i’ll forget what you owe me if you do this

Raelin Wolvarian Aero: ann can’t move cause of the field

Asmodelius: ** Folds that section of the tavern to an unused area of the cavern… out of harms way**

Raelin Wolvarian Aero: and you are attached to her

Raelin Wolvarian Aero: get lexy out too please

Vincent Sindrullen: **Vincent lies on the ground taking the blow from Aiden. He builds his strength and lets out a huge punch to the Wolf’s stomach. He pins him against the wall once more, punching at the wolf’s new found weakpoint.**

Ann Lettner: :: SCREAMS:: Let me out!!!

Elexin: ** ELexin folds to his home **

No One: `his claws rake long channels in Vince’s torso, his teeth snapping closed over Vincent’s neck as he’s pinned to the wall, grunting and snarling, though seemingly unaware of the pain being caused to him, more spiderweb fractures appearing over his stone body`

Raelin Wolvarian Aero: ::sighs a little as the vampires are gone, turning towards the battle grimly::

Echo: ::to Asmodelius:: Thank you.

Asmodelius: ** Creates a bubble pocket so Echo can hide in it if the fight gets close … Turns and smiles then focuses on the fight.**

Vincent Sindrullen: **Vincent winces in extreme pain. He seen that he is doing damage and continues to claw and punch the weakpoint. As Aiden bites and claws Vincent is forced to retreat for a few seconds to catch his breath and heal a portion of his wounds**

Echo: ::takes confidence from his smile, but remains terrified for both Aiden and Vincent, who is not to blame for what has happened to him::

Vincent Sindrullen: **Vincent stands in the mid room as some of his wounds heal but some are left as weakspots*

No One: `leaps on him immediately as he backs up, snapping at his neck again and connecting, then his head shakes rapidly like a dog with a dead animal, attempting to tear his throat out, teeth sunk deeply into the flesh`

Vincent Sindrullen: **Vincent screams and shoots up off of the ground. He pushes the wolf”s body upwards as Aiden coninues to rip at his neck. Vincent jumps as high as possible and falls back down, he lands on top of Aiden in a physmic toss*

No One: `wraps his legs around Vincent’s body so he can’t get away, being slammed into the ground and more of his body cracking, a small portion of it falling off… but the cracks are starting to close themselves up, the rapid regeneration of his crinos form taking care of him`

No One: `wraps his arms around Vincent’s head and starts to twist, jerking as hard as he can, trying to rip the head clean off`

Vincent Sindrullen: **Vincent doesnt hesitate to rapidly punch and claw his way through Aiden’s cracked body. Vincent worries that his death is coming and panics, trying to rip limbs from Aiden**

No One: `the marble starts to fade in the area where Vincent is concentrating but it just seems to egg Aiden on, his limbs popping where Vince tries to pull them out, but he twists even more furiously at Vince’s head, his teeth starting to gnaw on the top of the man’s scalp, shredding it and sending blood cascading down over both of them`

Vincent Sindrullen: **Vincent opens the palm of his hand while screaming and a huge flame engulfs the wolf’s body, attempting to burn him off. The flame covers over them both with a firey explosion.**

Raelin Wolvarian Aero: ::unconsciously steps forward, eyes wide and about ready to jump into the fray::

No One: `the flame licks harmlessly at his marble body and he lets out a howl, being only slightly singed by the fire. his jaws clamp around Vincents skull and start to crush it, powerful muscles working, teeth dug into his temples`

Asmodelius: ** Shields everything around him from fire**

Vincent Sindrullen: **The flames backfired and didn’t effect the wolf’s marble body. Vincent lies on the floor, burned and torn apart. Vincent bites one last time into the wolfs hard body, breaking a chunk of the marble but certainly not enough. Vincent lies helpless*

Echo: ::cringes when the fire starts, then realizes it is going around her:: Oh gods … don’t kill him, Aiden, it’s not his fault…

Echo: ::knowing her words are absolutely useless, speaking more to herself than anything::

No One: `the chunk comes off in Vincent’s mouth, but as it does so he crushes the skull completely, bending it inwards grotesquely, and then he wraps his hands around Vince’s head, tugging furiously… and ripping it clean off his body, tearing it free with a sickening popping wrenching sound`

Echo: ::closes her eyes, bowing her head::

Raelin Wolvarian Aero: ::flinches at the sound, shuddering from it, her eyes on aiden::

Asmodelius: *Grimaces at the sound but watches **

Vincent Sindrullen: **Before aiden rips the head off, Vincent stares into the wolf’s eyes. Something beyond the demonic force, it was vince.* Please just do it. *The voice said to Aiden*

No One: `he begins to maul the body, shredding it, tearing the limbs off furiously, ripping him into tiny pieces and flinging them everywhere, Rage burning in his eyes, snarls and grunts echoing around him, the voice having egged him on to even greater intensity`

Vincent Sindrullen: **His head flies across the room, ripping, blood flies everywhere*

Raelin Wolvarian Aero: ::takes a small step forward, cautiously:: aiden….calm down…

No One: `continues tearing at the body and then starts flinging the chunks into the fire, burning them into ash`

No One: `he ignores Raelin, not seeming to see her, intent on his task, flinging every little bit of Vincent into the fire to burn`

Raelin Wolvarian Aero: ::watches him, waiting until he’s finished::

No One: `the marble fades from his body, showing the terrible wounds he suffered in the fight, huge gashes where the spiderweb cracks were`

No One: `these wounds begin to knit themselves together before their eyes, his blood flowing freely through his fur`

No One: `finally he gathers the last bits of Vincent and flings them into the fire, nasty black smoke swirling where the demon vampire burns`

Raelin Wolvarian Aero: aiden…

No One: `then his Rage filled eyes turn on the rest of the room, looking for the next target, snarling viciously`

Raelin Wolvarian Aero: Aiden!

Raelin Wolvarian Aero: ::is prepared to blast him, just in case::

No One: `nostrils flare, scenting for vampires`

Asmodelius: ** Holds up his ruby cane**

Raelin Wolvarian Aero: ::takes another small step forward::

No One: `shakes his huge head around and advances on Raelin, his hands clenching and unclenching`

Raelin Wolvarian Aero: ::prays to her gods that her scent will calm him down, if only a little::

No One: `snarls at Asmodelius, head snapping up at the sight of the ruby cane`

Raelin Wolvarian Aero: ::doesnt move from her position, determined:: aiden, look at me!

No One: `veers towards him, insane Rage and Fury bubbling in his face, no trace of Aiden at all`

Raelin Wolvarian Aero: ::swears loudly::

Raelin Wolvarian Aero: ::tosses a small blast at aiden’s feet, not hitting him::

Asmodelius: ** Taps the Cane on the floor and sends an electric charge into aiden**

(At this point, Zazel returns to the cavern tavern and appears behind Asmodelius, wielding his scythe and ready to fend off the werewolf)

No One: `snarls at the blast and then is hit by the electricty, his body convulsing, the feeling fueling his anger`

No One: `he twitches and shakes erratically, taking another step towards Asmodelius`

Echo: ::is behind Asmodelius::

Raelin Wolvarian Aero: ::flinches a bit as she sees the electricity:: AIDEN, TURN AROUND!

No One: `his ears swivel but he doesn’t turn`

Asmodelius: ** Asmo changes form growing into a 9 foot Demonlord Wings expanding**

No One: `howls`

Echo: ::steps backward and bumps into Zazel::

Raelin Wolvarian Aero: ::freezes time::

No One: `crouches down on all fours, ears flattening to his skull… and freezes`

Raelin Wolvarian Aero: ::moves over and pushes zazel out of the room along with echo::

Raelin Wolvarian Aero: ::closes the door and locks it::

Raelin Wolvarian Aero: ::unfreezes time::

Echo: ::blinks, finding herself in the tunnel outside the tavern door::

Raelin Wolvarian Aero: ::shifts for a second before launching herself at aiden::

No One: `goes to leap at Asmodelius, but then gets crashed into by Raelin, his body twisting as she hits him, his teeth diving down towards her to strike…and then stopping, barely a centimeter away from closing on her neck`

Raelin Wolvarian Aero: ::breathes heavily, staying perfectly still::

No One: `his breath starts panting and gasping out furiously, his nostrils flaring, eyes rolling in his skull`

No One: `slowly his jaws pull away, closing together with a click, and sanity seems to restore to his eyes, the Rage fading away`

Raelin Wolvarian Aero: ::whispering:: aiden, please calm down

No One: `lies limply on the ground beneath her, a shocked, horrified expression taking over his features as he realizes what he almost did`

Raelin Wolvarian Aero: ::assumes he’s still in crinos stage, had forgotten. reaches down and gently touches his muzzle::

Raelin Wolvarian Aero: ::cheek if he’s homid::

No One: `is crinos`

No One: `but not for long, as soon as she touches him the change starts to reverse, his body shrinking down, the fur receding, clothes reappearing on his body`

Raelin Wolvarian Aero: ::as soon as he changes back she leans down and hugs him, careful of any wounds if he has them::

No One: `his voice comes out hoarse and panicked` Did…I..?

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