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The Legend of Kissmas!

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“Gather round little Sprouts! It’s time to hear the Legend of Kissmas!”


Maggie’s tinkling voice rings out as about a dozen little Nymphs scamper and scurry to gather round the storytelling stump. Younger ones with tiny faces that stare up at the older Nymph with eyes wide and full of excitement as they huddle in close to her bare feet. Many elder Nymphs, who are more seasoned with the story, stick to the outer edge of the forming circle, allowing the tender youth to absorb more of the compelling magic of Maggie’s words.


“Long, long ago… Back when Agorion Forest was new, just beginning to take root really. The Guider then was the most beautiful of all the Nymphs of her time. Her hair was the color of chestnuts, eyes the shade of sky on a perfect summer day and her skin was as fair as Birch bark… Her lips as red and tempting as the most perfect harvest apple…


Clever and protective was this Guider, much like Cameo, always doing what was best for our Trees. One time in particular… Winter had gotten an early start that year. The last of the leaves had long fallen from their branches. The snow was quickly clinging to bare branches and blanketing the forest floor. One dreadfully cold day, the Guider was determined to do one last check on the forest before rooting down for the bitter days ahead.


Sparing not one single corner of the forest, the Guider made sure every last little seed was in place for the winter. But the day grew colder… Snow began to fall in larger clumping flakes… Clouds darkened with the promise of pouring even more! It was not ideal for ‘any’ Nymph! But still the Guider pushed onward, ensuring everything would be perfect for the promised Springtime!


But it didn’t take long for the Guider Nymph to become lost… Turned around in the blinding blizzard that swirled about her pretty face. More and more time passed as she trudged her shivering limps in the deepening snow, determined to make her way back to the other Nymphs… Night was coming so she called out, hoping to Gaia that someone would hear her! … But it was no use… No one heard her… No one was coming….


The poor Guider Nymph was desperate. If she stayed out in the cold much longer, she would surely freeze! Her only chance of survival would be to root down in the very spot she stood and ride out with winter alone. So she dug. Shoveling snow with cupped palms until finally she uncovered the dirt underneath. Her apple red lips smiled as she started to sink her toes into the ground. She’d be alone, but at least she would live…


Nothing happened… She couldn’t turn to a Tree! She’d waiting too long! The ground was too frozen! Now there was simply no hope at all. The Nymph’s life was end there and then, deep in a winter-kissed forest all alone… Bravely she waited for Death to come… Slowly she drifted off into a deep, deep sleep…”


Maggie then paused her dramatic retelling for the legend to let her glistening green eyes look at the young Nymph faces before. Most of the sprouts were already in tears, using petals to mop up strays that streaked down their peachy cheeks. They were heartbroken at the supposed loss of such a beautiful and good Guider; the same would be if any Nymph were facing such a short life. Not able to bare their sad faces any longer, she continued.


“But! Not far from where the Nymph lay, a Silverhide had been hunting; aiming to bring back meat for his pack. His sharp ears easily picked up on the Guider’s call for help though it had taken him a while to track it with the fickle blizzard. But find her he did! The Lycan was amazed as he approached! Never did he expect to find an unclothed Nymph lying in the snow amidst such conditions. Chivalrously, he removed one of his furs and was quick to wrap her freezing body.


Even with his warm sexy body lying next to her, still the Guider did not stir. The Silverhide feared the worst. Feared that he had come too late! Finally, with confidence only that of Silverhide blood can muster, the Lycan leaned in close. He was simply overcome by the Nymph’s beauty… Then! Fueled by the passion all Nymphs have the power to alight, the Silverhide placed the sweetest kiss on her lovely apple-red lips…. And she awoke!


The kiss was so wonderful and warm that it melted the very snow around them, even unfroze the hardened ground enough for the Nymph to root safely down. Which is exactly what she done! And when she awoke on a warmer day in the very early spring there was something new growing on her branches… A lovely little plant brought to life by the warm, lifesaving kiss shared between the Silverhide and the Nymph… And she named it… Mistletoe.


 Each year after that long cold winter, Nymphs would come together and celebrate the act. To celebrate life and the promise of something warm to come! We now call this Nymph Holiday, Kissmas…”


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  1. ?? Nelly Faolán ?? 9 years ago

    I’ll remember that next time >.>

  2. Faux [Sinh Marol] 7 years ago

    Nice one.

  3. Eva Sparda 2 months ago

    Still so adorable. XD

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