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the life of a dark assassin

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*the young man with silver hair sighs as he cleans his moonlight claws looking over the dead carcass of victor. he goes and picks up all the money and armor he finds and shadow dashes away from the collapsing castle and hides resting in the whispering woods*

“What a day first i lose the group and now im alone and injured not good not good at all.”


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  1. Crystal J. La'mort 10 years ago

    I’m terrific at computers and drawing. I’d be great with video editing, and possibly doing an interveiw with someone from the Tavern. I could do one of each and send it to Chron, that way we could figure out which I’m best at.

  2. Seras Victoria 10 years ago

    {{Sorry super slow reply. O_O}}

    [she nearly jumped 10 feet when he landed next to her] Holy shit!

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