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The Lightning Scar

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She stood in the little bathroom attached to her room on the second floor of the Tavern, leaning over the sink. Small and slender hands curled around the porcelain white, her gaze trained in the mirror. A small, heart-shaped face, high cheekbones, with a faintly pointed chin. A narrow nose, leading down her full lips, the top with a pronounced cupid’s bow.

Divinely beautiful, but so very human…

Quietly, she pulled her makeup kit out…Blessed with smooth, pale skin, a hint of creamy peach, still, she pulled out the foundation, dabbing some of the makeup on the sponge and began smoothing it along her cheeks, rubbing it in with her fingertips, along her nose, her forehead, down past her jawline. Her skin just a few shades darker now, she wiped her fingers and tucked that away. Next, came the black eyeliner, tugging on the skin below her eye to swipe the blackness along the waterline on both eyes, before releasing and fluttering black lashes until the wetness died away. Staring a moment, she leaned forward, meticulously lining the top lid with small dashes, thickening it and winging it out past her eye to give her a more edgy, wicked look. Typical for Memarie. Dotting three little marks below the wing on each side, in silver, she tucks away her colored eye pencils and takes out her lipstick. Uncapping it, she leans close to the mirror, swiping the thick, ruby red color along her lips, before she pressed them together, rubbing them against each other and then pursing them a moment. 


Wasn’t it?

Again, she leaned forward, staring into the mirror, the cool depths of her green eyes, the color of diopsides…trained upon herself. The glimmering hues taking in all of her features, sweeping over the tangle mass of pinkish-red hair that fell around her shoulders in raspberry waves. She barely recognized herself anymore. Her body felt all wrong…Like it wasn’t hers. Her fingers gripped the sink tightly, nails scraping along the smooth, blinding whiteness. Biting down on the inside of her cheek until she could taste the coppery, warm liquid of her own blood spilling against her tongue. Screwing her nose up, she spat it into the skin, and turned the water on, letting it wash the blood down the drain. 

She hated herself.

She had things to do. She couldn’t just be staring into the mirror at herself, depressed. Shutting her eyes for a moment, to gather herself, she opened them to find a strange, shimmering disc of yellow over the green. That deer in the headlights look, when the light catches their eyes just right and reflects back the color. Her eyes went wide and her breath caught in her throat. What the hell was going on? Goosebumps rippled along her skin, a trickle of dread slipping down her spine as she stared until a haze of tears formed up and she had to blink. 

Then it was gone.

And she was left wondering what had just happened to her. Staring in shock, up until the point she was hit with a sudden wave of pain right down her back. Her spine arched forward, her body pressing into the edge of the sink as she groped the porcelain, trying to keep her feet, only to lose her grip and smash onto her knees. Barking out a yelp of pain as it shot up her legs, she tipped over, her spine arched like electricity running through her body, muscles locked rigid, her jaw grinding. Tears streaked down her face, ruining the makeup she had put on so mechanically, running black liner down her skin. 

Was she somehow being electrocuted again? She’d been struck by lightening once, and there was a network of scars running down her spine, looking like a pine tree branch. She didn’t remember that day at all though…

Shuddering out a breath, she rolled onto her knees again, crawling across the linoleum in starts and stops, her body pressing closer and closer to the floor as she went, fingers gripping into the carpet when she reached her room, more or less army crawling over the carpet. Why? Even she wasn’t sure, in that agony hazed brain of hers. She simply moved inch by torturous inch. Tear filled eyes landed on the notebook on the ground and she moved for it. A simple goal to reach.  But there was something else hidden behind the desk, glimmering white. Changing angles she moved for that instead. Finally, just falling to the floor, halfway under the desk, her body still contorted in pain as she reached a trembling hand for the paper that had been crumpled up and forgotten. 

Tearing the paper as she smoothed it out, she wasn’t sure why she -had- to look at it. But she did. She -needed- to see it. Sobbing breathes escaped as she trained the watery eyes of hers onto page to see it. The black pen etched so deep into the paper it’d ripped through at points, chickenscratch. Over and over…Large, taking up almost the entire paper. 

A shot of pain down her spine, so intense, so vivid that she screamed out, a more bestial sound then human burst from her body as she arched again, sickeningly twisting her body as it snapped through her body like a livewire. And it just got worse and worse, until she couldn’t take it anymore…And simply passed out on the floor, still spasming…


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  1. marked as traitors and hunt down. I am one of those who wished to live peacefully and away from the fight.

  2. Author
    Memarie Laene 8 years ago


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