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The Long Battle

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After what felt like an eternity but must only a week, or maybe two at most, I’ve subdued Demo. The fight was long and hard on us both and while I tend to my wounds I must also tend to hers as well. Her mind and soul are all but eaten away by the brainwashing and her body is severally damaged but I think with a good lot of luck and a small amount of time I might be able to heal my old friend, Dmona back to the way she once was. There cannot be any other out come with her son being involved…

Though…*Iris sighs and looks worriedly at the door to the room in which Demo lays, broken in so many ways* …I’m not sure if she herself is willing to fight as hard to stay alive–long enough to see those days come about. I’ll have to devote most of my extra time to her and the land that I help take care of and the rest of my time to my family….*she gives a deep sigh*… poor Devek and the children…Nyra must be worried….even, though I told her where I’d be and what I’d be doing…still…

*Iris fiddles with a bit of the bandaging on her right arm and then checks the bandaging around her chest, wincing at the pain her light thouch brings* Mmmmm….Demo…still packs one hell of a force to be reckoned with…even when she’s made up her mind she’s going to die in a glorious fight…*Iris grumbles to herself as she slowly and painfully raises up to go and check on said female and hopes that this doesn’t turn into a death watch instead of bring a friend back to health…*

~But, It is too early to tell just yet which way it will be…~ *Iris thinks grimly as she enters the room and closes the door behind her before tending to her friend*

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