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The Long Sleep

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In the darkest and oldest part of the woods lays an old abandoned mansion. It looks like it should be part of a horror story with the old Victorian walls and roof of the building. It would look deserted if it was not for the light in the basement. This place was in fact a home to a nest of vampires. It was a very old nest as no one ever knew about this building. It is night time so there are patrolling vampires and also some out to start there hunt. As the hunters start to leave they are stopped by the sight of a woman walking towards them. Her skin almost looked like it glowed white in the moonlight
 Sonya walks towards them with a confident walk, a powerful one it also warned them that they will regret trying to attack if they tried. As she got closer they stepped aside to let her pass between them. They where new blood where she was much older. A dark smirk appeared on her red lips when they stepped aside and she made her way to the basement of the mansion.
 The basement looked more like an undertakers work place than a home. coffins. Sonya continued to walk though the dimly lit basement that smelt of dust and death. Blood was the only sweet smelling thing to her senses that made her lips form a smile. She makes it to the older section of the basement where her coffin was and it seems the lesser vampires where expecting her. Every so many 100 years vampires of her kind would return home to sleep. now is her time. She walked to her coffin placing her weapons down inside it. she then steps into the coffin to lay down. She woke up prematurely so she will continue her slumber until time when she is meant to return
 The vampires inject Sonya with something that will return her to sleep. Thoughts come to her mind when her master was asked by her on why she must sleep. He would look at her with his usual ice cold glare and speak in a low husky voice “immortality is its a gift and a curse. You get to see life but you also see life destroyed. You make bonds but like all things they die. To save yourself from insanity of such truths you must sleep and wake up a new in a world that is a stranger to you. Now sleep Sonya and i bid you farewell as when you wake i may be gone” she remembers these words every time and still hunts for him every time she wakes up. Her eyes close and again she sleeps.

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