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The Lynx Chronicles: Chapter 2 – Innocence

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It is said someone never forgets their first kill; haunting their very dreams until the day they pass from this world. Some develop this burden through self-defense, never wanting to take a life but fate decides otherwise. Lynx was one such case, innocence snatched from her grasp instead of her life. It was a choice and she made it, now she would have to live with the regret of her actions until the day she dies.

Lynx didn’t go out and actively search for violence; she has always being one to prefer isolation within the chaotic walls of Shiva. However the animalistic state of her Mate drove enough courage in the woman to send her into the dangerous streets of Consequence in hopes of locating any old tome or document that might shed light on what she was dealing with when it came to her partner. Harmony was in so much pain, she had to do something to try and ease the agony which has befallen the Priestess.

A bright light signalled her arrival in the city; blasting loose revolutionary flyers regarding the Gaia campaign in every direction. It was a troubling time for someone like Lynx to be wandering around by herself with the conflict reigning and she knew when her Mate finds out about her exploration she will be given stern words. The teleportation stone was tucked into one of her loose jean pockets for later use; stretching the denim to its shape. Lynx didn’t own any protective wear or weapons so she was adorned in her usual casual attire; jeans, black tee, and ankle black leather ankle boots. Docile palms smoothing down the wrinkles of her shirt whilst a sleek succubus like tail adjusted her pants; tightening her belt buckle with its pink upside down heart tip.

She wasn’t entirely sure what the objective was on her visit, only knowing a bookshop or shady merchant might have the stock she required; those people always had those items in the movies after all. With her hands linked together and tucked against her large bust she started her quest and it wasn’t long after she first tasted the defeat of her task; most of the shops had been pillaged and destroyed already. It brought a deep sigh to her plump lips, hunching her shoulders and closing her eyes for a brief moment of utter despair. At first she thought maybe it was just the one street but as she walked past numerous busted signs and consumer litter it became obvious Lynx wasn’t going to find her book easily.

The eerily lack of citizens made the woman swallow a lump of frightened saliva; racing panic stricken stormy irises constantly in hopes of finding no threats, trying to reassure her over thinking mind. She told herself numerous times she is going to be okay; pausing to suckle in trembling deep breaths before pushing forward. Lynx had noticed shadows moving in the corner of her eye but by the time her vision had turned over her shoulder they were gone. She began to have serious notions about reaching into her pocket and returning back to Shiva before anything negative happens; including seeing Harmony down the street and having to explain why she was out in this part of the city.

She didn’t get far until the frequency of the darkened figures increased until they didn’t bother to retreat and hide when Lynx glanced behind her; staring at the mass of cloaked Gaia preachers with a collection of makeshift weapons and syringes filled with the mind altering substance was enough to send her heart pumping. They all had blankness about their presence, it wasn’t threatening or friendly just pressured nothingness which scared her all the more; especially when they suddenly began a charge at her and forcing her to run for her life.


Lynx was never adept in accurate multitasking hence why she didn’t just teleport away from the mob to the safety of Shiva; having to find somewhere to hide so she could refocus her flustered brain and think clearly. It didn’t help she was channelled to Harmony’s torment through the Mark; making it impossible to collect her thoughts on occasion. There weren’t many places to stow away along the crumbled streets; opting to choose a random alleyway in hopes of disappearing into the darkness and enabling her time to get out her stone. Their thundering footsteps boomed around her as she fussed over the pocket of her jeans; wrenching out the teleportation device. Thumb primed to press down the smooth middle when something unexpected happened; causing eyes to widen in shock and her breath to catch in her throat.



The sickening feeling of emptiness…..


      She had felt this before and knew what it meant…..


                  Harmony was dead……


It was the last dreading sensation pulsing through her frozen body before blackness clouded her vision and the weight of her frame toppled over; paralyzed from a blow to the back of her skull. Before she completely became unconscious she saw the blurry figure of the Preacher clenching the club that had knocked her out cold then her mind mimicked the coldness emitted from the Mark.

She awoke to a fierce ringing threatening to make her deaf and the scent of her own blood shampooing her vibrant pink locks; high lightning it with drying crimson. Her limbs were still weak and barely able to maintain their own strength as the crowd of Preachers grew behind her; eyeing their promising new recruit. Lynx’s pained hacks and coughs didn’t discourage them from slowly approaching her with their syringes; stretching out her own shaky hand to try and drag herself away as she fought for her every existence and depression over the abandonment of her Mate. The trauma was about to reach a new level when her tail dug itself into the middle of her back; tearing through her shirt and cutting her flesh without any warning. She screamed out in protest but the sharpness of the bladed tip had already ripped a large gash; staining her clothes with the pooling blood now swamping around her downed figure.

The woman couldn’t process anything else but the anguish and loneliness surging throughout her core; laying her palms flat against the damp cement of the alleyway; sticking due to her own coating of red decorating the ground. She had to be here for when Harmony finally returns and that meant she couldn’t die here and leave the Priestess without her appearance beside her. Lynx’s skin started to bubble; rippling under the imprint of bones slicing through muscle in order to escape out the wound created by her tail. The poor girl sobbed and whimpered as the appendages forced themselves out into the opening; expanding to block out the mob behind her. Two sets of wings had exploded from Lynx; sending an array of feathers throughout the narrow hallway. The bottom set was smaller than the top which curved outward like a bat with lethal talons of bone.

One beat of her newly developed assets rocketed her into a wobbly stand; swooping forward in another powerful burst of strength to send her soaring backwards. She closed one to allow the flutter to send her into a twist so she was facing the horde of Preachers; tackling the male with the club so he was pinned firmly into the wall of the alleyway. Her two curved blades burying themselves into his shoulder blades; throwing the man up into the air and suspended by his own weight and giving Lynx a taste of his own blood as it puzzled down her wing talons. She squeaked in surprise as the woman didn’t want to hurt anyone but her sleek tail had already lashed from the side of her body and pierced the Preacher straight through the stomach; carving across to disembowel him with one clean attack, his insides free-falling and bundling near his convulsing airborne frame.


There was an expression of horror across her blood spattered features at what she had just done without thinking; retracting her wings to allow his corpse to squish against the forgotten organs. Lynx looked back at the mob still approaching without fear of their own lives like the zombies they proved to be. She scanned for the dropped stone along the ground; stumbling towards it with her eyes glazing over due to her ill recovery from being knocked out. She fell to her knees just in time to slam her hand on top of the rock; blinding the mob with a bright flash and rewarding their efforts with Lynx now vanished from the city and out of their reach.

She crashed against the bed of her lover; splattering it with her own damage ridden body. Lynx managed to crane her bloody head up a few inches before it dropped and she was  thrown into unconsciousness again.


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