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The Many Cuts of a Killer

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“GET UP RIGHT THIS DAMN MINUTE JOONIE BOY!!” Joon’s patron Lavermes hissed at him angrily. They were in their female form, but speaking with their male voice again. Which always threw Joon off. He had stayed in his room and hadn’t been to school in a week. Not since Nari’s death, which had been his doing. Why was she smiling when he killed her and why did he now have her facial features while she was left looking normal.

He looked at the mirror across his room and felt sick. Staring back at him was a male face with the features of Nari plaster on it. He wanted to cry, he wanted to rip off his face. This wasn’t what he had signed up for. Wait, what was it he had signed up for why was his patron he- At least that was what he had been thinking before the foot.

The foot of a pissed off patron who had told him to get up, which collided with his jaw. The force of the blow rattled his teeth and sent him from his bed into the nearby wall holding his mirror. There was the sound of shattering glass as the mirror broke from his body colliding with it. Dangerous shards of glass rained down around Joon and he cut his hand on a particularly large piece of glass. But, before Joon had a chance to think about pain, he was being lifted onto his feet by the slender hand of a woman. But the hand didn’t stop at lifting him to his feet. No, his feet were dangling off of the floor as those vice like fingers began to squeeze his slender neck.

“I told you to get up, you filthy mortal. You have the nerve to make me come out from my home and rescue you! All because you couldn’t kill one girl without having a broken heart. Well this ends, I have picked out your next target for theft!! It’s this man!” He was allowed to fall to the floor as that vice grip released and, Joon was showed a newspaper titled “The Delicate Devourer Strikes Again!!” 
This was the name of the notorious serial killer with about 100 murder linked to him, based on the way they were killed, the precise way their organs were removed and his calling card of used bloody chopsticks being left in the eye sockets of his victims.

Joon was worried about this kill, he had only killed one other person and he knew and envied them. But this man, he did not know and he did not envy him. He was afraid of this man Plus, this killer only used woman as his prey. So that ruled Joon out, and with his best friend gone he couldn’t use her either. So how was he going to do this? And could he really kill a career killer? He didn’t know if it was possible, and it scared him. But, Lavermes scared him even more. He knew that if he failed death would be the only answer for a talentless scumbag like him.

“Okay, I got it my gracious patron. I will kill this man and steal his talent.” He said devoid of any emotion. “Alright good, well I’ll leave you to it boy. And don’t mess it up, do it flawlessly.” With a loud “SNAP” the darkness overtook the light, and just as soon as it had come. The darkness was gone and so was Lavermes. How was Joon going to do this. He needed a girl, and not just any girl, someone pretty and some one not too sharp to figure out his plan. To use her as bait for a killer. Joon pulled out his phone and downloaded the app he was looking for. He filled out all the information with simple answers as to his likes and dislikes and finally he took a selfie and made it his profile.

He had downloaded the app called “Charcoal”. It was a dating app mostly used by young people wanting to meet for dates and casual encounters. He browsed through the pages of girls and found the one he needed. She was gorgeous, she looked like a model. She liked cats, and she was a swimmer. She reminded him of someone but he couldn’t remember. Or better yet, his mind was protecting him from remembering. She looked and had a similar personality to Nari. He messaged her with a simple “Sup.” She replied almost instantly. “Oh hey there yourself cutie, wanna meet up?” Her profile name was Sun-Hi.

Well that was fast, Joon had thought. But wait, how was he supposed to talk to her?! What would he talk to her about, he hadn’t really talked to girls much outside of Nari. Plus, she was an older woman, and he was posing as a university student. How was he not only gonna talk to this pretty girl but also how was he supposed to lie to her? He agreed to meet her at the park near the serial killer’s hunting grounds. He would have to convince her to go somewhere private where they would be seen.

He saw her standing in the park near the playground waving at Joon gracefully. She wore a simple white and blue floral sun dress, white leather sandals and a pair of aviator shades. She was definitely, a beautiful woman. Joon himself was clad in a gray tank top and a black faded jeans with whole in the knees, and black pair of crocs. His attire was fine, up until the shoes. Joon of course didn’t know how this dating thing worked. “oh hey did you wait long?” Joon asked Sun-Hi awkwardly. “No, I just got here about 5 minutes ago. No biggie, man.” She was super relaxed, which shocked Joon. How could she be so chill, when he himself was a nervous wreck.

“Sooo, whatcha want to do? Sun-Hi asked him brightly. Joon stammered out a reply. “uh…well did you wanna go for a walk through the city and grab lunch?” “THAT SOUNDS GREAT!!” She took his hand and was off to the races as they say. Dragging him back in the direction of the cityscape.  As they approached a particular alleyway after going around the city for about an hour. Taking selfies and Sun chirping this or that on “Chirper” A man emerged from the alleyway and ambushed the pair of them with clothes doused in chloroform.

Joon and Sun-Hi blacked out, and Joon woke up in a dank basement with dim lighting and his hands and feet both bound in damp rope and a gag in his mouth. He didn’t see Sun-Hi anywhere. Crouching low in front of Joon, in a two piece suit, hat, mask, gloves, and a neck cover was man. It was him…The Delicate Devourer.

Shi-bal-nom-a!!” You were a boy? Damn it to hell.” The man exclaimed angrily. He don’t not sound as old as Joon thought he would. His voice actually made it seem as though he was no older than a traditional university student.

Joon could only struggle against his bonds and give a muffled reply “MMMFFFMM!!”. The masked man reached forward and grabbed Joon by the chin, squeezing his face roughly. “Eh, I don’t usually eat men but you…”The Delicate Devourer turned Joon’s head to either side and placed a hand on the young man’s abdomen firmly pressing against him. “You look delicious, and your muscles don’t seemed too hard like most men. It’s almost like you are a girl!! hah.” He slapped Joon on the face lightly and rose to his feet, stretching his arms high into the air. “But, i have found that despair is the best seasoning, so I will make you watch as I devour your girlfriend here, this Hua-nyang-nyon.” The DD laughed as he removed a cloth from a chair in the middle of the room, where Sun-Hi was strapped in and begun to stir. He also pulled a cord hanging from above which caused a light to turn on. This light illuminated the room, and now Joon could see all he had previously missed. It was a horrifying scene, one so much that it caused Joon to groan in despair. How was he supposed to succeed here. It was at that moment he noticed what was now in DD’s hand. It was a circular saw, and Sun-Hi’s screamed out a muffled cry. “OH what’s that girl? I can’t hear you, i think you have something in your mouth.” DD replied coyly and with his free hand he removed the gag. Sun-Hi gasped and began stammering out a plea to DD.“Nononononono, please don’t sir, I didn’t see anything I don’t even know who you are! If you let me go I’ll never tell I won’t I promise!!” DD tilted his head to the side as if thinking about and simply said“I know you won’t, you know what I’ll let you go!” He leaned forward with the saw and reached for Sun-Hi’s bond hands and began undoing the bonds. Then he stopped and said “Nah!!!” and stood back upright. Sun-Hi began to cry and she released her bowels from fear. “You disgusting woman, ugh!” DD started up the saw and plunged it into the chest of Sun-Hi.

” oh please no don’t do th-pfff gurgle.” were the last words and sounds uttered by Sun-Hi as the blade of the saw ate through her flesh and ended her short existence. Joon gasped and began to sob as he finally remembered. He remembered what Nari used to look like and how her and Sun-Hi could have been sisters. And he threw up in his own mouth. He began to convulse as the sick had nowhere to go but back down his throat. His body on a continuous gag cycle as he tried to reject the bile, but had no way to release it. DD threw down the saw upon seeing this and ran over to Joon’s shaking body.“Oh no no you don’t get to die that easily boy!” He removed the gag from Joon’s mouth and stepped back quickly. And as he did, the fluid that had previously been restricted from leaving the male’s body spewed onto the floor and down his shirt, and Joon coughed aggressively.

“Oh nasty!! I can’t have my prized dessert all soiled like this!!” DD went to grab the water hose to clean up the mess from Joon and the light went out. Not like a power outtake but as though something was blocking the light.“What in the hell?!” And the lights were back just as quickly as they had gone out and Joon’s dagger was behind him on the floor. He felt that cold steel against his fingers and almost jumped. “Well that’s what I get for buying a crappy place like this huh?” DD shook his head in laughter and went back to retrieving the hose. While this was happening Joon chiseled away at the rope, and managed to get it just in time too. Because, DD was back and was spraying Joon with the ice cold water. So Joon simply pretended to still be bound as the water poured over him.

“A delicious dessert will soon be served by our wondrous chef DD!” DD announced out loud dramatically as though he were a waiter at a 5 star restaurant. DD had stopped spraying Joon and was removing Sun-Hi from the straps that had bond her to the chair, getting it ready for Joon. He tossed her body over to a corner with a thud. It seemed as though he really had just killed her for fun, not even to eat her like the normal victims. At the moment his back was turned Joon had undid his bonds on his feet and snuck up on DD. He thrust the dagger forward and yelled. But DD had been ready, he had already heard Joon sawing off his bonds. He turned at the last minute and grabbed Joon’s knife arm. He fought Joon for the dagger with the one hand, while stabbing him in the gut with a scalpel with his free hand.

“GACK!!” Joon exclaimed as the scalpel found its way home within him. And he fought for control with his knife hand while pushing DD away with his free hand. DD had already pulled out the scalpel and slashed wildly at Joon while laughing out hysterically. “Oh this is great!! Food that fights back now, and isn’t too bad!” All that Joon could do was defend himself. This man was a much better fighter and killer than he was. He had cuts on his forearms, face, his shirt had slashes across it and his blood was running freely. He had to do something or he would die. And then he saw it.. The saw from earlier, was on the floor behind DD blade side up. Joon rushed forward with hopeless abandon and shoved DD. Due to the floor being wet with a combination of blood, urine and water DD lost his footing and fell back. But not before burying his scalpel in Joon’s chest. Just missing one of his lungs.

Joon staggered back from the pain and heard a loud “CRUNCH!!”, “WUHHHHHHGAAAH” and then“BZZZRT!!!” that told him the saw had come on, and overheated, but the deed had been mostly completed. Then he remembered what Lavermes had told him about needing to cut the victims with the blade and so he staggered forward and managed to bury his blade through the mask and face of DD. He felt his body surge with energy, and he felt a new desire to kill. And ultimately he knew how to kill now. He knew how to stalk his prey, how to avoid the blades of those less skilled. How to trick people in trusting you with their life. How to blend in with normal society, and hide the telltale signs of his kills. He also learned how to disconnect his emotions so that he would be able to kill with indiscriminately. He learned how to spot a fellow killer. And ultimately he learned that he had a lot of work to do, to get stronger and many more talents. He pulled out the scalpel and took a seat in the only chair in the torture room, kicking up his feet on the new footrest that DD had given him. His breathing was ragged and he had lost a lot of blood, but he had won.

But considering the wounds and the fact that he seemed to be dying, could this be considered a victory? As Joon was thinking about this, he noticed a presence. It was the same one he thought he felt before “WHO THE, *pants* HELL ARE YOU? I KNOW YOU’RE THERE!! YOU WERE THERE THE LAST TIME TOO!!”

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